Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hell Is Other Goalies

There's a strange depressing haze over Atlanta these days, an existential angst that seems to prevent any sort of intelligent writing about hockey. In lieu of that, here's an example of what you turn up when you're very bored at work and do a Google image search on former AHL goalie Dusan Salficky:

A gallery full of Czech goalie mask art.

There's also some NHL and national team stuff, if you poke around a bit. Hopefully Monday will spur some actual deep thought about hockey.

How fitting that $partan goalie Briza has the devil on his mask
If Sparta played the Avs, who would you cheer for?

Actually, while it's not on the site, Marek Schwarz apparently had a devil mask at least at some point last season... giving HCSP an all-devil goalie corps, and the theme to the yearbook cover (which I've stuck up here).
Crapalanche vs. $parta? I'd cheer for a meteorite to hit the frickin arena.
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