Thursday, August 03, 2006


Five Weird Things

So, Mike Chen tagged moi and wants to know FIVE weird things about me.

Just five, eh?

1. I have a tattoo. That's not weird in and of itself, but I'm also an accountant. How many accountants do you know that have tattoos? Exactly.
That barbed wire crap doesn't count, either!

2. I have an aunt and an uncle who are both younger than I am. Yeah....

3. I don't show it much here, but I'm a huge baseball fan. My favourite team is the Chicago White Sox (long before the bandwagoners) and my favourite players are Carlton Fisk, Jose Valentin, and Frank Thomas.

4. As much of a loudmouth as I can be on the Internet Tubes, I am very shy and reserved in real life. Hard to believe, I know.

5. I eat the same Vermicelli/Protein Source dish every day, at least once a day. Friends are amazed that I can eat the same stuff all the time, but I'm lazy and not a picky eater.

I'll tageth The Evil Swede and The Stormbringer.

I used to date a girl who has something like 20 tattoos, including a backpiece. She's an accountant, and a hot one at that. See my "five things" for some of the sordid details.
My cousin's an accountant, and she has two tattoos and a navel ring. Not exactly weird stuff anymore.
Starting to sound like ALL accountants have tattoos, Jes. Maybe you're Mr. Mainstream now, and those of us who don't have tattoos are the only cool ones. (Just a thought!)
Geez, when did I become such a trendsetter?

Next thing you know, they'll be playing APACHE at all the local nightclubs.
You forgot to mention you drive in a Mikulas built Skoda

That's a sweet looking tattoo.

Welcome to the club.
Let's hear a rant about the Handzus/Calder trade.
One of my cousins is like 4 years older than my youngest uncle. They used to play together.
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