Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Fantasy Guide Available Now!

Late August is an exciting time for hockey fans, even with no actual games to watch on the tube.

Why? Well, it's magazine time!

Every year, I'm one of those types that goes and grabs the whole stack of magazines off of the rack: McKeens, THN, Forecaster, etc... I grab almost everything (even The Sporting News...when I was caught in the USA and they had NOTHING else).

Well, now, the site I do a bit of work for, has come out with a guide and it's a whopper and a great deal.

Yes, I am shilling for something I helped work on, but at US$4.99 and at 300 pages, it's a pretty sweet deal. (Though I only wrote 1 out of the 300 pages, so it's not as if I did all that much). With your purchase, you can download the entire PDF right onto your computer and peruse the 300 pages at your leisure, complete with the ability to search through the document for every instance of PAVOL DEMITRA's name.

So, go to to check it out.

On another note, I'll be doing the St. Louis Blues reports for the site again this season. At least the Blues will have more than one player worth taking in a fantasy draft.

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