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Czech Prospect Michal Repik Interview

Ahhh, the dog days of summer. Some people are going slowly insane with the lack of hockey news, but I'm enjoying the break. This was such a long off-season/season that any excuse not to surf the web for a few days and keep up with the latest is much needed.

In any event, I'm not going totally news-deprived. Thanks to my friend Robert, I can bring you a translated interview (completed with my dumb comments) that Vancouver Giants forward Michal Repik had with Hokej.cz. It's nothing deep, but it's a decent look into one of the top prospects heading into the 2007 Entry Draft.


Hockey beginnings?

I started playing when I was four years old. My dad brought me to the game. I also used to play soccer, but from the 5th grade I quit soccer and focused solely on hockey.

(Typical of most Czech players, who play 2-3 sports before they solely concentrate on one. Is it any wonder how the Czech Republic produces such good hockey and soccer teams? Unlike India, which has a billion people and can't win an Olympic medal)

Favourite coaches?

I wouldn't like to forget to mention someone, every coach helped me in some way. I would definitely mention Ada Bilek, who brought me to Sparta Praha. And also Mr. Sindel, who was my coach in the Sparta juniors.

Most beautiful hockey memories?

I appreciate playing at the Memorial Cup a lot. Another beautiful memory was winning the European youth Olympics we won with the Czech Under-17 team in January, 2005.

What made you most sad?

The fact that I didn't make the 2005 Under-18 WJC. I missed the 2006 U18 WJC due to the WHL playoffs and got injured before the 2006 WJC in Vancouver.

What are you most afraid of?

I'm afraid of injuries which would happen either to me or my family.

What makes you mad?

Cheap shots from opponents on the ice and off the ice. Lies, jealousy, and bad people.

Do you watch politics?

Not at all. I don't have any personal favorites there.

(Good. You'll be better off not bothering with politics)

Favourite actors?

I have many favorite actors, I can't say who is the personal favorite of mine. I like the movie 'Last Samurai' or Czech comedies. I had a few DVDs with me in Canada and watched movies when I had some free time.

("Last Samurai" Oh, dear...I hope he isn't attending Scientology sessions)

Favuorite music style?

I'm not very demanding as far as music goes. I prefer techno music. But I don't attend any concerts, I listen to music at home.

Favourite pet?

We don't have any pets, I like dogs and cats.

Favourite color?

Blue or white.

Ideal vacation?

This year I visited Egypt with my parents, brother and my girlfriend. It was terrific. I would like to visit Hawaii one day, it is six hours away from Vancouver when you would take a flight there. Hopefully I will be able to go there one day.

(Family and girlfriend? That must have been....awkward...)

Favourite car?

I don't have a driving license yet. I prefer Audi or Ferrari.

(No love for Skoda?)

Favourite food?

Coke and juice to drink. As for food... Sirloin steak that my mother prepares. During the season I eat mostly rice, chicken, meat or pasta. Simply typical food of hockey players, but I don't have any problem with it.

Your agent?

For Czech Republic Jaromir Henys, and overseas, Rich Winter.

What newspapers and magazines do you read, do you read the internet?

I read the internet every day when I'm in Canada. I read the news, look what is new here in Czech Republic. When I'm here, I read the Blesk and Sport newspapers.

(Blesk? No doubt for the Girl of the Day photos)

What women do you find hot? Do you have a girlfriend?

I have a girlfriend, her name is Blanka, who hails from Vlasim just like me. I don't have any women type which I would prefer. My girlfriend has to be nice and modest.

Are you superstitious?

Yeah, quite a lot. I always put my gear on from the left side first. I have also lots of pre-game superstitions. When I have a bad game, I change some of them.

Any hobbies?

I don't have much spare time during the season. Mostly I was just sitting at home, watching movies or read the internet. Our team owner Mr. Toigo took me to a trip on his boat once, it was one of the many nice moments I experienced in Canada last year.

Hockey goals?

I want to play my best hockey during the next season. It will be my draft year, I would like to be a high pick. My big goal and dream remains the NHL, I would also like to play for the Czech senior national team

I have a girlfriend, her name is Blanka, who hails from Vlasim just like me.

He's going out with a Street Fighter? Awesome!

Pardon the geekiness. Or not.

- Duc
Blue or White as a favourite colour?

Can we say... Leafs fan??? :D
Long live Molvania!!!!!!!!!!!
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