Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Canucks Salary Structure as at August 22nd, 2006

Thanks to my super-secret inside source, I gots me a transcript of the conversation at the Robo Luongo signing.

Nonis: Just sign here and we're all set.

Luongo: *signs contract* Alright! I'm looking forward to this!

Nonis: And don't you worry. We'll be doing everything in our power to make you feel comfortable.

Well... I heard it rains a lot in Vancouver during the fall and winter.

Nonis: Yup.

Luongo: And, I heard the women are really snotty and high-maintenance.

Nonis: True...

Luongo: And, the media is vicious and there will be a lot of pressure for me to perform miracles.

Nonis: Well, yeah...

Luongo: So, how are you going to make me feel comfortable?

Nonis: Simple! We're going to load up on crappy AHL-calibre players so that you'll get the 50 shots a night that you're accustomed to!

Luongo: *facepalm*


How else can you explain GM Dave Nonis going out and signing flotsam such as Yannick Tremblay and Rory Fitzpatrick!? Unless the Manitoba Moose are loading up for a Calder Cup run, signing negative-impact players is never a good thing.

As of today, here are the Canucks commitments estimated for the upcoming season.

So, at least $42mil is locked up in what we got now.

I've heard rumours of Trevor Linden signing on the dotted line for about $600k, but nothing confirmed as of yet.

Lukas Krajicek remains the lone big RFA to be re-signed, and he'll not be getting much of a raise.

And the backup goaltender? The Canucks need someone who is willing to sit on their ass a lot and get paid the league minimum. Steve Shields? Wade Flaherty? We just have to hope Luongo stays healthy, or the Canucks are DOOMED.


I think that's the story for about half the league these days.

Finite resources and more competitive European leagues make for interesting roster decisions.
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