Saturday, August 05, 2006


Bobby Clarke Made My Girlfriend Cry

So, I'm at work, plugging away at some reconciliations when I get a call from my girlfriend, the Flyers fan, who was obviously upset about something...

Her: "Did you see what the Flyers did?"
Me: "No...."
Her: "Oh...I can't believe it!"

So, I go and check out, fully expecting the Flyers to have finally traded for Markus Naslund.

Nope, what I see is this...

Just days after accepting an arbitrator's decision on winger Kyle Calder, the Chicago Blackhawks traded him and his $2.95 million contract to the Philadelphia Flyers.

In return, Chicago received centre Michael Handzus, who is slated to make $2.128 million this season.
"Ohhhhhh..." I said in utter surprise, "Well, that sucks."

Yep, my girlfriend's favourite player was traded from her favourite the CHICKENHAWKS!! Obvious to say, she was quite upset and had the wind knocked out of her sails.

Ouch! Now, her favourite Handzus sweater is obsolete (join the club, honey), and her favourite player is now in Hockey Hell.

She didn't understand my pain when Pavol was traded to the Mild. She even made fun of me, so I was quite tempted to laugh at her when I saw this trade...but, I'm not THAT mean.

Now, Handzus is one of my favourite players, his hair is wicked awesome, and he's a great 2-way player, but just how stupid are the Blackhawks?

They trade a 27-year old player, in his prime, who led their club in scoring last year, for an older center coming off of a very nasty and serious shoulder injury. WHY?

Oh, Kyle Calder won his arbitration! How dare he!

So, they'll overpay Adrian Aucoin, Nikolai Khabibulin, and The Brat, but they consider $2.95mil too much for a guy who put up 59 points last year playing with crappy linemates?
*sigh*. I don't get the logic, quite honestly.

As for Handzus, he'll now have to put up with The Brat and The Verb as his Czech buddies, since he's pretty much a homebody who needs the comfort of a compatriot. Sure, he gets to center players that don't suck (ala Donald Brashear), but he'll never see the playoffs again until he's traded or earns his freedom. I don't mind too much that Michal is in Chi-Town, since I really hated watching him have to wear a Flyers sweater for so long.

As for my girlfriend, she's torn whether to buy a Handzus Chickenhawks sweater or not.

The good news? Maybe she'll stop being a Flyers fan ;)

Ya, going to miss Handzus, he was one of my favorites too.
But in return the Flyers got a winger who’s numbers are similar to Gagne’s Pre-Forsberg numbers.

Flyers down to 8 centers, not counting Primeau who WILL retire within a month.
Just be glad that Clarke didn't break her ankle! ;)
It isn't completely brainless. Chicago has a few good wingers, Havlat, Ruutu, Vrbata, Vorobiev, but as things stood before this trade their top two centers were Bryan Smolinski and Patrick Sharp. Calder is going to be UFA next year and while they could have got more back if they held onto him until the trade deadline, they would be extremely thin at center.
What a damn gongshow Chicago is! It is frustrating to watch at times. All I can say is that Khabibulin better shine this year.
More like hockey purgatory, since 'Zues'll earn over $2MM, which is why he'll be moved sooner rather than later. Plus, Chi-town ain't the suckiest town in which to play. He can be anonymous and go out from time to time.

Did you see Vorobiev's "they hated me because I'm Russian" comments?

As a Blues fan, I'm pleased that a good player has been subtracted but how much more can they stand? That franchise seems more and more pathetic each day. Remember the [bad] old days when the Blues'd get run out of the Stadium before the third shift ended?
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