Thursday, August 31, 2006


Baby Blue

Well, the Thrashers actually made news today -- not by signing Kari Lehtonen, but by scrapping the old dark blue home jerseys in favor of the thirds. (link here, registration required)

Unexpected, at least by me, but the new jerseys are super-popular (they were far more visible than the old style in the stands last year) and people really bought into the relatively incoherent "Blueland" marketing campaign. I have mixed feelings on the switch -- on one hand, the stylized "T" that dominated the departing jerseys was Kelly Buchberger-level ugly, and I won't miss that. On the other hand, I'm not crazy about baby blue, and the asymmetry caused by the "ATLANTA" on the new style's left arm just looks silly.

But it's all about selling jerseys, and this'll sell bundles to people who had the old home version (which of course is the old road version, and if you think that is past confusing me, think again). I don't have a jersey featuring a current Thrasher -- the plan last year was to get Tomáš Klouček, under the idea that he was the future cornerstone of the team -- so when I shell out for a Hossa jersey this year, I'll just hedge my bets and get it in white. All things considered, it looks pretty classy by comparison.

I hate to be "that guy", but does anyone real give two licks about the Atlanta Thrashers? Seriously, out of your loyal readers, how many do you think want to see every second post about the Thrashers? One? Zero?

Know your audience and stick to what you do best. If your little disciple wants to yap about the Thrashers, let him start his own Thrashers blog.

/constructive criticism from a loyal reader.
Well Cam, I appreciate that you are a loyal reader.

So, if you don't like reading about the Thrashers, then just skip his posts. I think his posts are entertaining enough, but nothing is stopping you from just reading the non-Thrashers stuff.

Really, it's a slow off-season and there isn't much to talk about. I know we'll have lots of season preview stuff later in the summer.
That makes, what, three Thrashers posts since I came on? Not that many. And it's not like there's some smorgasbord of any fascinating hockey news out there these days.
Wow, a little undeserved face wash there. But hey, I know we're all a little puck starved and cranky this time of year. Thank God it'll be over soon.

Jes, as far as I'm concerned you can do no wrong with what you do here. Your work, longevity and devotion to the cause speaks for itself. Although I have to say I'd take the stylized "T" over that baby blue monstrosity... anyday. There's no baby blue in hockey.

Keep up the GREAT work.
Keep posting gsdgsd. Now I can justify going here by saying I'm here for the Thrasher posts, not the endless "I hate Sweden" posts by Jes. ;)
someone actually bought a patrik stefan jersey?
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