Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Who is Jan Hejda?

This site has received quite a few hits asking about JAN HEJDA, a veteran Czech defensemen who the Edmonton Oilers recently acquire from the Buffalo Sabres for a low draft pick. Obviously, Czech scout Frantisek Musil was behind this.

Can they bring him over?

From a previous entry,

A 27 year-old DMan, he was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres in the 4th round of the 2003 draft. He's big, strong (6'3" 210), and he's good offensively with a big shot. He helped HC Slavia Praha win the Czech Extraliga a few years back before being lured to Russia by the big oil money. Out of all of the Europlayers, he's the best bet for an NHL career in the future, if Buffalo is willing to match the money he can make in Russia.
Hejda is certainly more skilled than Ales Pisa, who had a cup of coffee with the Oilers and MUCH better than Jan Horacek, who struggles to be decent in the Czech and Slovak Extraleagues.

In my video vault, I found two kinda cruddy videos of Hejda taking shots from the left point that were deflected for goals. It's certainly more than YOU got!

Terrific stuff, thankyou. I zipped around yesterday and saw some stuff you'd written on him re: Czech team but this is splended.

Thanks again.
Where do you find this stuff man? Or do we not want to know? Whatever the answer is, keep it up.
Well the Zlata Helma (Golden Helmet) videos were from the official hokej.cz website. They do keep an archive now, but some of the olders ones I kept and they didn't ;)
Thank Jes.

I am pleased with this low-risk move.

Musil's record has been disappointing. Don't forget Kari Haakana and Mikko Luoma, two other hacks. They were younger though.

Hejda and Tjarnqvist should be decent depth guys.

From Big Dan
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