Monday, July 24, 2006


"Vítej Zlatý Hattricku!!"

Can you imagine Bob Cole making a call like this?

I'm waving between laughing and nervousness listening to this guy.


What game was this?
I think that just blew my eardrums out. I hope it was the deciding goal of the game, and not, say, the sixth goal in a 7-1 rout.
I believe this was the gold-medal winning goal in the gold-medal winning game in the 2001 World Championships...the Czechs won their 3rd straight WCs, thus the "golden hat trick"
If you could find and put up the Bondra GWG against Russia in the 2002 WC, along with audio from the play by play guys, you would become a saint in my books.
I wish Bob Cole WOULD do that! That was sweet Jes! Rates right up there with the Sharks and Sabres announcers.
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