Sunday, July 02, 2006


These contracts are getting more insane by the minute...

Well, if ESPN's Free Agent Tracker is to be believed, some GMs have been dipping into some BC produced Mary Jane.

Wow, Scott Thornton to a 15-year contract? Dallas Drake gets 13 years? Welcome to the New NHL :)

Oh god, that's funny.
Lalime= 9 years
Keith Carney= 13 years

I wonder how long it takes for ESPN to notice their screw up? I mean, I realize the NHL isn't much of a priority around there, but this might be pushing the stupidity a little far!
I'd say the funniest part is that they're actually pretty damn close on the Elias contract.
CBS can go back to school as well after their mistake not knowing the Czechs have never invaded Russia

“According to published reports, Mikhail Yakubov has signed with the Severstal Cherepovets of the Czech Elite League.

(Updated 06/20/2006).”
Naw, CBS just got wind of Czechia's secret plan to invade Russia on July 15th :)
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