Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Stupidity Continues Reign over the NHL

One constant you can always count on in the NHL, new or old, is piss poor management.

First, the Toronto Maple Leafs fall under the same spell the New York Islanders fell under and overpaid Mike Peca grossly, to the tune of $2.5mil for this upcoming season.

The same Mike Peca who scored a whopping 9 goals and 23 points in 71 games last year. The same Mike Peca that was a hair away from demanding a trade out of Edmonton. The same Mike Peca who basically quit on his team part-way through the season. Some leadership.

So, he may have 'leadership' and some decent defensive ability, but how can JFJ justify paying $2.5mil for Peca? You can get the same quality of forward, who will work just as hard, on the market for much cheaper, but apparently JFJ likes the BIG name that Peca is.

Whatever. This is just hilarious. JFJ continues to run the Leafs into the ground with his lack of ability to perceive player value. Mike Peca continues to be a me-and-my-money type of guy.

Oh, and we get the obligatory "It's not about the money!" quote

"Obviously being a Toronto kid goes without saying how big this is, but it goes deeper than that," Peca said Tuesday during a news conference. "My willingness to play in Toronto goes beyond being from Toronto, it's recognizing an organization that prides itself on wanting to win, and really taking every step necessary where they see fit to try to provide that for the fans."
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, that's good stuff!

Speaking of those New York Islanders, Neil Smith stepped down as puppet-GM after about a month on the job. Although I made the mistake of forgetting that he was hired in the first place, the crappy signings they've made in the offseason have obviously been the work of Mad Mike Milbury, who somehow still maintains control over the team despite a very length track record of absolute sucktitude. Milbury must give good blowjobs, because there is no other rational explanation for Charles Wang's loyalty to this doofus.

So, who do they get to replace Smith? A guy with experience? A guy who's good at his job?

No, they get Garth Snow.

GARTH SNOW?? The scary-looking backup goaltender with the huge lacrosse pads?

WOO!! Only on Long Island.

I spoke with Garth at length throughout the spring about the general manager's position and he really impressed me with his passion and his knowledge," said Islanders owner Charles Wang.

"When the job opened up, the choice was an easy one. Garth knows the league as well as anyone, has an eye for talent and understands how our staff works as a team. Most importantly, Garth is a man of integrity, someone I trust will work hard, be creative and represent the Islanders with dignity."
How did Charles Wang ever get to be as rich and successful in the computer world as he did? How can a man to obviously moronic get in a position to own a hockey club?

Yes, Garth Snow has lots of management experience. Oh wait, he doesn't.

Garth Snow has lots of business and management training. Oh wait, he doesn't.

Passion means nothing if you don't have the ability, and it's insulting to see a guy like Garth Snow get a premium job like this when there are about 1,000 more qualified candidates out there. Sure, Snow is just going to be a puppet, but why not do the right thing and hire somebody who can actually, I dunno, run a frickin hockey team?

I feel sorry for Isles fans, all 16 of them that are left.

Well at least he'll probably be better than JFJ... and Mike Milbury... and Bobby Clarke... and Mike Keenan...

Come to think of it this might be genius!
There are two sad things about the Islanders.

1) This doesn't help Nolan shed his rep as a GM killer.

2) Perhaps Garth Snow may have one day peitromade a great GM. However because of the totally bizarre manner in which he has been hired he will not be given the opportunity to learn the job the right way and will not be given credit for any of the moves that he is actually responisble for. Basically by accepting this offer he has most likely destroyed any hopes he could of had of earning the job on his merits.

On the other hand perhaps Milbury isn't quite as mad as people think he is. Perhaps it is just that he was the point man for the true lunatic running the circus Charles Wang.

Granted my feeling is that Wang and Milbury are both insane and feed off of each other, trying to top each others latest and greatest idea just image the conversations:

Milbury, "That frinkin Smith, who does he think he is the GM, we should buy out Yashin!!!! Come on the man is superstar."

Wang, "I have been thinking we need nip this thing in the bud, soon he will take it upon himself to make real decisions regarding the direction of this hockey team."

Milbury, "You are right, but what should we do. Trade him and Rick DiPietro to Pittsburgh for Jocelyn Thibault?"

Wang, "No we should just fire him"

In Unison, "And replace him with Garth Snow!!!!!"

Well the rest of the league to rest easy now that the Islanders have assured themselves the joke franchise position for another year at least.
Milbury does a good job in teasing Wang.
u mean he's good at fellatio on Wang's wang?

i know... there's nothing you can do about that joke. you see it coming a mile away and you just have to sit there and take it.
Well at least he'll probably be better than JFJ... and Mike Milbury... and Bobby Clarke... and Mike Keenan...

I hate to say this as a Blues fan, but since taking over in Florida Keenan is no way near Clarke and Milbury when it comes to madness anymore.
Bertuzzi for Luongo? Auld as your starting goalie unless you can sign the eagle?

It does smack of madness. But I totally agree that on the scale of crazy he's fallen well below Clarke.

I think Milbury must have his own scale.
Well, I wrote that before the Belfour rumours started.

That would be in line with The Keenan Madness if he signs Belfour.

I'm a fan of Auld and I think he's an underrated goalie and from what a saw of him this season, albeit only half a dozen times, he performed admirably.

(Canucks fans might disagree with me from seeing him play everynight though).

Auld is no Luongo, but the Panthers roster looks like it could challenge for a playoff spot this year.

And I hate to say it, but some of Keenans moves helped Pleau ice a regular season winner for several years after his departure.
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