Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Pavol Demitra Memory of the Day

Here's one of my all-time favorite Pavol Demitra memories.

Chris Pronger, back in the days when he wasn't so good in the playoffs, feeds Pavol with a beautiful long-bomb pass, and Pavol buries it behind Ken Wregget to beat the evil Wings in OT. The Blues haven't beaten the Wings much over the years, so this was one sweet goal.

I get a real kick out of your Czech player jerk-off sessions.
OT, related to a post you made a few days ago.

This Story proves you point about Mad Mike Milbury still being in charge of the Islanders.
I get a real kick out of your Czech player jerk-off sessions.
Well, somebody is jealous!

As for Milbury, that was the 'water-cooler' talk in my little cubicle this morning. Yep, it appears Milbury still has his hands in everything. WHY?? WHY DOES THIS IDIOT CONTINUE TO HAVE THAT JOB??

Don't you mean SLOVENIAN player jerk-off sessions?

Sorry, inside joke there.

- Duc
Back in the days where a guy actually had to circle on his half of centre ice to get a breakaway pass, too.

No Centre Ice and an adamant refusal to watch Leafs games (unless they were getting smoked badly) meant I didn't get a lot of hockey in this season, so it took me a while to remember "oh yeah, no two line pass" - but seeing that made me go "hey, why was he curling so close to the red line," so I guess I got used to it.
Not to split hairs, but isn't Demitra Slovakian? Slovenia, after all, is a totally different country.
Perhaps he is. I just googled Pavol Demitra, clicked on the first link which is: http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/players/692

and got the Czech.

So if you got beef, you've got beef with yahoo. Cause I believe everything I read on the internet

That's what I meant, it's an inside joke with Jes.

You sort of form these things over 13 or so years of friendship. :)

- Duc
I recently found your blog by accident and am elated. Pavs is my favorite NHL player and I watch my videotaped highlights of him often. Thanks for your perspective and your videos.
It is Slovakia,not Slovenia, finally you learn that, I am from Slovakia ,not from Slovenia
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