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Introducing Gilbert Brule

Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch has Q&A with the league's next big star. It's not too late to jump on the Creme Brule bandwagon before it 'jumps the shark' like the Sergei Fedorov wagoners who came on after the first of two Wings Cup wins in the 90s *ahem*

A few select questions...

Q : What was the Memorial Cup run like?

A : One of the best things so far in my hockey career. Just being on a team like that, seeing how close you get with the guys. It’s such a hard tournament to win, but I don’t think you realize that until after you get there, after it’s over.
Too bad he won't be here for the Memorial Cup this year :(

Q : You played a part in eight of the last nine goals scored by the Vancouver Giants, carrying them all the way to the semifinals. Is that as good as you’ve ever felt on skates?

A : It’s a feeling of brotherhood. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but something develops that brings everybody together.

Q : Gilbert Brule is a very cool, very Frenchsounding name. What’s the background?

A : My dad’s parents were from Quebec, so French speaking, but he grew up mostly in Ontario. I’ve lived in Vancouver since I was 2 years old, so that’s all I’ve ever really known. But I’m half French-Canadian.

Q : Girlfriend?

A : Nope.

Q : Eligible bachelor?

A : Umm …
What's up with that answer?? 0_o

Q : What are your plans this summer?

A : I’ll take a couple of days off, just to relax. But then I’ll get back to work, get some ice time in Vancouver and work on my hands and my skating.

Q : Any doubt in your mind that you’ll be a Blue Jacket next season?

A : I’m a modest guy, I like to think. I’m going to come to camp with the idea that I have to make the team, that I have to prove myself all over again. I have to make the team just like everybody else.
Oh, just say it. You'll be centering Jaroslav Balastik and win the Calder Trophy!

Hat-tip to Kukla's for the linkage.

Ahhh, the lone blogger I can find outside of Ohio who doesn't insist on bashing everything Blue Jackets. Brule showed promise in the seven games we saw him this past season, CBJ fans can only hope that he becomes the type of player that many believe he is capable of growing into.
Drew, you must be new here, because I've bashed the Dinner Jackets plenty of times :) of course, everyone is fair game here.
It's harder to hate the BJs when they have two of my fave players on that team. I wish MacLean would trade us Brule for Naslund.
I'm still upset that we chose Jack Johnson instead of Creme Brulee. It'll be AT LEAST two years before we even see JJ, and probably a few more before he develops.
I know you usually bash the Jackets, and this time may not only be an exception to your rule but to the rule of hockey bloggers across the landscape as well.

As for your proposed trade, please do your best to not leave that suggestion in Doug MacLean's voicemail box.

He might actually take it.
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