Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Happy ID4 to our Yankee Friends

...because we love you so much ;)

So...we "Yankees" are supposed to laugh at all that crap?

Come back to me when the Vancouver
Canucks no longer play under the roof of a place named after General Motors...can't have more of a "Yankee" sponsor than that. >;P
I thought it was all pretty darn funny. It's much more humorous to me when non-Americans make fun of our peerless leader.
The Mona Lisa? Oh my. That's so disturbing... :-)
So...we "Yankees" are supposed to laugh at all that crap?

No, you are supposed to be depressed, upset, and angry. You will turn these emotions into furor, overthrow GW Bush, amend the constitution, and elect Ah-nold as the supreme President.
Wow, Mona Lisa after a dye job and a boob job is one hot chick.
You know, we didn't all vote for that guy.

Where's the "Know Your Place - Shut Your Face!" thing from? That's pretty great.
Seriously, why does every Canadian/Brit/Aussie I know have to rub it in? I'm in the 49.5% who DIDN'T vote for that jerk-off. Most of the intelligent people I know fall under that category. As for the other 50.5%, well, judging by the daily polls, about 1/3 - 1/2 of those people regret doing that too.

I'm for going all "V for Vendetta" on our monkey president...especially if that means I'd get to bang Natalie Portman, shaved head or no shaved head.
Good one, Jes. :D

Unlike my fellow Yanquis, I can laugh about it--when I'm not plotting the peaceful overthrow of the Traitor-in-Chief and his "The Geneva Conventions are quaint and outmoded" cronies.
The dang we elected a President pic forgot the important soccer mom demographic of bushities.
We'll trade you Ohio for Quebec. Montreal women are hot, and with Ohio you would get... um.... uh.... well, you'd get another Canadian NHL franchise (but they still won't win the Cup)!
Brad, that hurts... :) But I guess at least I'd get socialized health care.
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