Wednesday, July 26, 2006


CANUCKS Salary Structure as at July 26th, 2006

With the signing of Jan Bulis, the Vancouver Canucks appear to have adopted a Super-LW Lock system that sees each forward line with 1 center and 2 LWers. Who needs Right Wingers? We have enough of those assholes running/ruining North American politics.


Here is the salary structure as of today (in salary cap terms). Of course, there is plenty of uncertainty as to the finality of the Canucks roster. I still expect Monsieur Naslund to end up in Philly with his golf buddy Forsberg, so that the Canucks forward corps will look substantially different in about a month from now.

Wow, over $40mil and that's with some RFA's still to be signed and perhaps another body or two to fill out the roster. Nonis will not want to go over $42mil, so the Canucks are definitely in a tight spot financially.

Where is Lee Goren on your list? I'm sure he'll make the cut.
Naslund to Philly? Every year there is predictions of Naslund and Forsberg reuniting. This year I WON'T believe it!
Lee Goren? I hope he never sees another NHL game with the Canucks. He's bad defensively, takes bad penalties, and he doesn't produce. He's a poor man's Jarkko Ruutu, except that he fights more.

Goren is basically signed to boost the AHL club, but he's not an NHL option unless you want to lose games.
Balej signed in Switzerland so can be taken off this chart.

Oh, thank gad for that! (Balej)
The Canucks do have some decent prospects though. Even that Jannik Hansen guy could work out...
Hopefully Dave Nonis is as worried about this as you are Jes. Doesn't he look like the piggy from Deliverance? Just saying.
We also just signed Edler to a 3 year deal.

Linden said on canucks radio he'd take leaugue min to play one more with the nucks.

Any word on who we'd get in return for Marcus from Phili?
You left out Brandon Reid. He'll make the team for sure, since they're lacking speed.
With Yannick Tremblay in the fold at (guessing) around 850,000, that should give a bit of depth on D, maybe move Bieksa to #7. Chuinard will Centre a 3rd line before Kesler, as he's a better faceoff guy. I see Kesler playing on the right this season...
Marcus will not be moved. I expect Morrison would be moved before Naslund.

Word has it that Jesse Schultz may get a shot in the lineup, possibly Koltsov if he's finally ready, Jason King's name gets thrown around as the Sedin's right winger. Kesler on the Sedin's line would be interesting.
I thought Balej was a good prospect???
Burrows will make the team and play on the 4th line.
What about Carter...nobody wants to pay him the 3 mil he's asking for so maybe he'll stick around for a little less.
Don't forget, naslund has a no trade clause on his contract so he wont be dealt, i sense morrison will make a comeback season, since he was injured last season and is now working out 20 hours a week as sportsnet reported. Kesler, Noronen, Krajicek and Burrows are still RFA's so we have to sign them as cheap as possible and i hear Kesler is asking for quite the raise, and noronen is whining about backing up an allstar goalie os he might be gone although i doubt it.
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