Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Canada says 'NO' to JR

So much for Jeremy Roenick's dream to play in Canada. In fact, no team NEAR Canada wanted the guy, for he had to sign in Phoenix, one of the southernmost teams in the NHL.

“We’re very pleased to bring Jeremy back to the Coyotes,” said Coyotes Managing Partner – Head Coach Wayne Gretzky. “JR is an elite player who plays with passion every night. He’ll be a valuable addition to our team and to the community. We are proud to have him and his family back.”
An elite player? This is 2006, not 1996, Wayne-o.

Still, Phoenix should be a good spot for JR if he's serious about focusing on just hockey. There is only one media guy in Phoenix covering the team (David Vest), and not much else to do there other than golf, suntan, and eat tacos.


Over in Pittsburgh, they signed ex-Canucks 'pest' Jarkko Ruutu to a two-year deal. Ruutu will get $1.1 million in the first year and $1.2 million in the second year.

Yep, they are actually paying over a MILLION per year for JARKKO RUUTU?


This is a great signing for the Pens *snicker*

They can show their fans that they care by signing free agents, and then Ruutu's bad penalties and lack of any offensive or defensive ability at the NHL level can help them lose games and get a better lottery position.


awwwwww, no JR, Sudin, Lindros retro 90's lineup? :(
According to TSN, Calgary was in the mix for JR until he got an 11th-hour call from The Great One. So there you go.

As for Ruutu.... $1M??? Object lesson #1 as to why life is not fair.
As for Ruutu.... $1M??? Object lesson #1 as to why life is not fair.

Also see: Kubina, Pavel
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