Sunday, June 18, 2006


Well, of course the Oilers won...

What can't the Edmonton Oilers overcome?

They've had their #1 goalie go down to a season-ending injury, fought a nasty flu bug, been outshot most every game, and have found themselves down by at least two games in two different series. Despite this, the Oilers have proven that grammatically incorrect adage "It ain't over until it's over". That's why I'm not surprised that the Oilers won last night and wouldn't be shocked if they won the finals despite all that's happened to them.

Here's a real loser...

  • First, the NHL needs to wise up and shorten up the schedule for the Finals. There is no reason why there should ever be more than a day in between games. The NHL is so hell-bent on getting games on Saturday nights that it only compounds the 2-2-1-1-1 setup to give us a series that has lasted about a month. Either go 2-3-2 or just force the teams to play every 2 days.

  • Not that I am an NHL coach or anything close to it, but the Hurricanes obviously haven't been taking my advice to pepper Juicy Markkanen with lots of shots and pounce on the rebounds. 16 shots on goal, including just 7 through the first two periods, is just not acceptable. Where is the killer instinct? Get to the freakin' net!!!

  • Speaking of which, Eric Cole was impressive last night for a guy who was thought to be out the rest of the reason. Unlike his teammates, Cole seemed to be putting forth the effort needed to win games.

  • Fernando Pisani: The Modern Day Dave Lowry. Pisani now has 13 goals (which leads the whole NHL) and 4 assists in 23 playoff games. Like Dave Lowry, Pisani is a standard hard-working third-line type that does his job well, puts up modest point totals, and doesn't get a whole lot of fanfare.

    I remember the Panthers run about a decade ago (Damn, it's been a long time) where Dave Lowry found himself on a line with some actual scoring talent (Ray Sheppard and Stuuuuuuuuu Barnes) and put up 10 goals and 7 assists in 22 playoff games after putting up only 24 points during the regular season. Like Pisani, Lowry was scoring big goals and providing an unexpected offensive boost.

  • Chris Pronger: Now that Roloson's been out and the Oilers have come back, Pronger seems like the easy choice for the Conn Smythe, barring him shooting the puck into his own net 5 times in Game 7. No Carolina Hurricane, apart from Rod Brind'Amour, really comes close in terms of an overall impact on the game like Chris Pronger has during these playoffs. Blues fans must be pissed that Pronger has been such a stalwart for the Oilers, yet he was always crumbling under the pressure as a member of the Blues. *sigh*

  • Remember folks, no matter what happens in Game 7, it's just a GAME. There's no reason to beat yourself up over the outcome of a GAME. Don't beat your dog, your wife, or the first Swede you see on the street. Life will go on, the sun will rise, and Gary Bettman will still suck eggs.

  • Comments:
    16 shots on goal, including just 7 through the first two periods, is just not acceptable

    Don't overlook the number of shots blocked by the Oilers, which had to be at least as many as the 16 shots that found their way on net.
    "Remember folks, no matter what happens in Game 7, it's just a GAME."

    Of course a Canucks fan would say this....

    I'm such a cynic.
    I think Cole putting up more of a fight than his teammates speaks not to their laziness, but to their fatigue.
    I think Cam Ward still has a pretty good shot at the Conn Smythe if Carolina wins it.
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