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TSN reports Canucks deal Bertuzzi for Luongo

Could it be the start of the domino line in Vancouver?

The latest from


The Vancouver Canucks and Florida Panthers have completed a multi-player trade involving some big names on the eve of the NHL Draft.

The Panthers have confirmed that they acquired Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan Allen and Alexander Auld from the Canucks in exchange for Roberto Luongo and Lukas Krajicek.


Hmm, now I am mixed on this trade at first glance.

I absolute love Roberto Luongo as a goaltender. He is the most talented goaltender in the NHL (Not the best at the moment, but he can could be), but giving up a stalwart defenseman like Bryan Allen and a cheap, league-average goaltender Alex Auld and getting only a loosey-goosey Lukas Krajicek back makes me go 'hmmm'. Both Bertuzzi and Luongo are in the same contract situation, so how does Dave Nonis give two cheap, younger players along in the deal? The Canucks are still left with an expensive backup in Dan Cloutier, and their defense is in serious danger of being thin.

Of course, this is just the start of many moves. I fully expect Bertuzzi's special friend, Markus Naslund, will be dealt during the summer. I hope Nonis can find a useful defenseman or forward in exchange for Cloutier, because there is going to be a need to replace a rapidly thinning roster.

It's time to let this deal digest awhile.

Luongo's getting on a long-term contract, and quick. There's no way a GM would make this deal otherwise.
James is right. If Nonis lets Luongo get away, Nonis' head will be on the chopping blocks.

The stumbling block appears to be the no-trade clause that Luongo sincerely desires. New NHL rules say he can't get that until the ever of UFA status, which isn't until the summer of 2007 for Luongo.

Little known fact - Luongo is very tight with Canucks goalie coach Ian Clark. Clark's departure from Florida was one of the many things Luongo was unhappy with in Florida.

As for Cloutier, he'll most certainly be moved, assuming a home can be found. The Canucks also have Mika Noronen as a very capable back up don't forget.

Cloutier is a better goalie than he's ever been given credit for. He was left out to the wolves with a very weak defense in Vancouver in the Marc Crawford years. The Canucks blueline is not to blame so much as the whole team approach, in particular the cheating forwards, especially Bertuzzi and Naslund, who were never held accountable.

Joe Pelletier
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