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1. I haven't heard any members of the Oilers blogosphere complain about Andrew Ladd supposedly running Dwayne Roloson. They seem smarter than that. It was obviously no intent to run over Roloson's knee like a cement roller.

Steve Staios, however, needs to watch a little more TV

Steve Staios was quick to defend teammate Marc-Andre Bergeron yesterday.

And the Oilers veteran wondered out loud why NHL referees aren't doing likewise in defending goaltenders from what he sees as a steady onslaught of forwards crashing the crease.

"It's happened before. To see Roli go down the way that he did, is brutal. I'm not sure if Bergy pushed him in or not, but that guy (Andrew Ladd) was going at the net with one intention."

The way Staios sees it, Bergeron was only trying to protect Roloson from being bumped or jostled by the Carolina forward on the play that led to Roloson suffering a sprain of the right knee late in the third period Monday.
Umm, have you heard of something called Instant Replay? It was quite obvious that Ladd was driving to the net and was pushed into your goaltender by your OWN DEFENSEMAN. How about watching a replay before opening your yap about something you obviously don't have a handle on.

Ladd was driving to the net with a purpose, but Bergeron did not to direct Ladd away from the net. Instead, he took the easy way out by pushing Ladd into the goalie, hoping for a whistle and/or penalty. How often do we see defensemen push opposing forwards into their own goalie/net to get a whistle?

2. Acid Queen 2 - The Fraud 0.

3. Greg Wyshynski of Sports Fan Magazine chimes in with his own ode to the Stanley Cup.

Apparently, this is what it's like to be a hockey fan in the USA:

We are the hockey fans. Lepers to the legitimate, creeps to the in-crowd. In the great cafeteria of sports, we sit at the table closest to the teacher's lounge; the one covered in old chewing gum and spilled chocolate milk where all the foreign kids converge at lunchtime. We're like a fourth-tier religion; even during our holiest annual celebration, all a non-believer can muster is, "Well, I'm not sure I understand, but happy whatever!"
Aww, it almost makes me want to adopt one...almost.

4. For a little entertainment value, check out

He wasn't always the Stanley Cup!

Once upon a time he was an over-weight trophy in a trailer park, with dreams
of greatness. In five awesome animations, charts the
Stanley Cup's rise from freakishly large misfit to the greatest trophy of
them all.

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