Monday, June 19, 2006


Rocked by a Hurricane

The third most shocking event I have witnessed in my lifetime...

Chris Pronger wuz robbed, tho. He, and not Cam Ward, should have won the Conn Smythe.

PS: Note to Canes fans, boo Gary Bettman very very loudly. Please...

Disgusting... It was almost as nasty as Tampa Bay winning in 2004. I thought Iginla was robbed then and now Pronger. I thought Cam Ward did great and I am not saying Carolina didn't deserve it I just think that Edmonton deserved it more and Pronger became a household name, (even to those who normally hate the Oilers and actually make an effort not to recognize their players). Between the weird officiating and defeated playing style of the Oilers, it was a crappy way to end an exciting series. Besides, having to look at that weasel, Gary Bettman, just infuriated me. How does a creepy, greasy, nasel-voiced mini-man like Bettman control everything? It's just wrong. Now that the series is over, I can also say that Carolina might have the worst anthem singer in the league... but I digress.
Honey, all of us down here in R'lyeh have been bitching about Holly Wilver for the whole season.
Screw Pronger... hello, Fernando Pisani! That guy played great all series.

Nonetheless, good on the Canes for dashing the hopes of Oil fans everywhere.

From North-Central British Columbia, I send my thanks.
Temujin has a point about Pisani...

Holly actually said this last month in an interview - "The anthem is such a respected thing, such a tradition ... that everyone has an opinion on what it should sound like."

Uhhhh, wanting the anthem sung on key is not based on opinion. Thanks for the insight Acid Queen. I thought the Canes fans were hilarious during her singing and now I understand why. In the first game, she was awful when she sang "rockets red glare." I wanted my family to hear her do it the next time but at that very second, for every game afterward, the crowd would yell and I swear it was to drown her out. Yikes. Cute girl, tad conceited and very tone-deaf.
As long as Jes keeps his gloating down to a minimum, I'll keep reading this blog.

Swear to god though, next time we have a Canadian team in the Finals can we NOT cheer for a team from the Southeast division, you know, JUST FOR KICKS?


I'll even cheer for Calgary or Vancouver if I have to.
I and a few other Canes fans are convinced that The Wilv got the job of anthem singer only because she's bwning somebody in the front office. PLENTY of other people have sent in audition tapes and inquired about auditioning to replace her, only to be flatly told "Holly's our anthem singer. Bugger off."

I've been apologizing for The Wilv since the first game of the playoffs. She really is bad (as is our PA guy, but at least he's improved dramatically over the course of the season).
Jez...can you crunch some numbers on the impact the anthem singer has on a team's playoff success. Depending on the results, Ottawa should really consider canning Const. Lindon Slewidge
I, and thousands of other Sailors around the world, found Ms. Wilver to be inspiring.
Good call on the booing. When the Carolina fans *cheered* Gary Bettman was on the ice, I turned to my fiancee and said, "Man, they still don't get hockey down there. The Cup is a novelty to these idiots." I liked Brind'amour's haste to get Bettman to shut the hell up so he could hoist the Cup. I hope he left some drunken trashtalk on 'Dros' answering machine late Monday night.
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