Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Picture This...

This CMA Entrance Exam process has been my own personal Stanley Cup march. It's been a long slog complete with bumps, ego bruises, and lots of pain. I feel a lot more like the Oilers than the Hurricanes.

It's also taken away from my enjoyment of the Stanley Cup playoffs and the World Cup of Soccer (of which I've watched maybe an hour of action). Although I watched the Cup Finals, I wasn't able to delve myself as emotionally as I normally would.

A few post-game thoughts.

1. The Canes anthem-singer sucks. We all know that. How do you think she got the job?
Click here to hear the damage.

2. The Canes mean weakness was a lack of offense from the blueline. How strange that their two most imporant goals in the Game 7 were both scored by defensemen? On Kaberle's goal, Jason Smith ended up being a double goat. First, his clearing attempt on the PK was weak. He should have rocketed the puck out of the zone. Then, his shot-block attempt deflected the puck so much so that Juicy Markkanen had no shot.

3. Both teams played their hearts out, and Oilers fans should have no ill thoughts about the performance of their own team. They played to the maximum of their potential and turned an improbable first-round upset into a near-miss. As a Canucks fan, that's not the type of effort we are used to around here. I guess the 1994 team we had was similar in those regards, but the Canucks had more real skill available and didn't nearly pull off the level of upsets that the Oilers did.

4. How ironic that the crappiest of American beers (Budweiser, the rip-off knock-off of the real thing) is sponsoring the most non-American of games (soccer)?

5. Me and my pals have a couple of extra tickets for the Entry Draft on Saturday. If you want them, give me an email (up on the upper left there)

Pictures speak louder than my own words....

It looks like someone took a piss on the ice...

It'll take more win than that to make Brind'Amour look sexy...

Why does Rob's tongue look blue/grey in that last photo....eeeewwww.
If my sister wasn't getting married on this Saturday, I would certainly take you up on that extra ticket to the draft thing.

Good luck on the CMAs. You're a smart guy and I know you will do great.
It seems like whenever a team does well in the playoffs, it is because they have recieved great play from different players at different times. Maybe in one game the defense plays great and the next game the goaltender is hot. One series the team scores a lot of goals, the next series the team plays great defense. When Carolina's defensman scored those two goals in Game 7 of the finals, it just showed that every part of a championship team needs to be rolling on all cylinders.
Just one thing, Smith *did* rocket that clearing attempt, but it deflected off of someone's stick which slowed it down drastically. So that wasn't really his fault. That's all.
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