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It's time to Pound this Dick

It seems WADA head Dick Pound has been getting a taste of the crap he's been throwing around for the past few years. It couldn't happen to a nicer fellow.

A day after a letter by Lance Armstrong called for the removal of Dick Pound as the head of the World Anti-Doping Agency, National Hockey League Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly echoed the seven-time Tour de France champion's sentiments.

Daly was contacted by TSN on Monday about Armstrong's request that the International Olympic Committee to force Pound, a Montreal lawyer, to quit over his handling of doping allegations against Armstrong.

"We are not at all surprised by Mr. Armstrong's request given Mr. Pound's repeated instances of irresponsible behaviour and grandstanding," Daly wrote in an email to TSN.

"We fully support Mr. Armstrong's plea to have the IOC hold Mr. Pound accountable for his past actions, and laud Mr. Armstrong's willingness to stand up for the rights of all of the innocent athletes who have been wrongly and unfairly disparaged by Mr. Pound."
While I know the NHL isn't as pure and white as fresh snow, Dick Pound has been irresponsible in his blanket statements such as "A third of the NHL is using"

Basically, Dick likes to throw out mass accusations and then he hopes one of them will stick. It's easy to say 75% of pro athletes are dopers, and then jump on the soapbox when one of them, ONE OF THEM, happens to test positive for something. Reminds me of a certain 'blogger' or Al Strachan. Dick has absolutely no basis for his comments or any evidence to support his claims, yet he easily tosses out some massive numbers to build himself up.

The problem is that what Dick does is very destructive and is slanderous. How can WADA hope to achieve any 'cleanliness' in sports when their head honcho is going around and pissing off the heads of just about every athletic body in the world. WADA ought to fire him and find somebody who is more reasonable.

By the way, who cares if the NHL doesn't tend for stimulants? Do you? really?

One of the best and most potent supplements out there costs about a buck at Tim Horton's: Coffee. There are so many legal stimulants out there that testing for Sudafed is just a big waste of time. Really, do we want to see tired hockey players falling asleep or do we want them at full speed, beating the crap out of the puck and each other?

I have no problem with the NHL testing for stimulants, but if Dick Pound is making the case that NHL'ers are cheating because they're fuelling up on "Double-Doubles" or popping a couple of Sudafeds before a game, I think he's wasting everyone's time. Illegal drugs, sure, go after 'em. Steroid freaks, banish 'em. But legal and relatively mild stimulants like coffee and Sudafed, which is what most NHL'ers fuel up with, aren't worth pursuing. If that's the case, why just leave it at athletes? Start testing every average Joe and Jane who start their workdays with a hot coffee or pop their nasal meds that help 'em get through a bad cold while on the job.

Absurd, isn't it?
i've more a problem with the fact that doping, including a few cases of systemic COCAINE usage in sports goes unreported by the press.

why is CANSECO breaking the steroids story, orthe press back of hernandez over libel treats when he was using, (instead lynching whitey unfairly for a bad trade)

and even the black sox candal was known by many reporters, many others covered it up, it broke in the court because fo criminals

i think the "post steroids" or "post subliments" or "post cocaine" era of professional sports is the punchline to a blonde joke.

so in GENERAL i'm all for someone "doing the math"

hell petsmart tests, so should hockey.

oh and by the by, popping legal stimulents in massive dosages isnt a thing the nhl or mlb of nfl or cfl should be allowing either..
Dick Pound was on the IOC when the former Soviet Bloc fielded athletes filled with a cornocopia of drugs and stimulants. How many times did a clean Canadian athlete finish 4th to an East German, Soviet or even American athlete who were surprisingly large? The IOC has done nothing about these records, no astericks or anything, as they were happy to take the money of the dictators. Now Dick Pound and the WADA goes around with a holier than thou attitude that they know best and everyone is cheating. Not often I agree with Bill Daly but he nailed it this time.
Stimulants are so common that, unless illegal drugs, they shouldn't even call for special comment. How many businessmen drink Red Bull or energy drinks to get over jet lag on a business trip, for example, or commuters with 90 minute one-way trips to work slurp coffee to get through because they don't get enough sleep?

The most depressing thing is the man seems to have no conception of how much influence he COULD have in drug testing. It may be a laudable goal to rid sports of steroids and other performance-enhancers, but every time he makes a rash generalization or wild accusation he looks like a clown and weakens his own case. It makes it easy for critics to attack him personally, and not even discuss drug testing that much. If he acted in a professional manner and his statements were measured, accurate, and non-accusatory, he would be able to make a good case and have people on his side in the issue. Instead, he acts like a petulant child demanding attention by throwing a tantrum.

He also is suspiciously quick to dismiss any concerns about the reliability of the tests or the labs. I wonder if the labs the WADA used are regularly audited for quality control/assurance practices, and the personnel are properly accredited in some way? Many labs (medical, university, government, FBI, etc.) have strict procedures for assuring accuracy of results. I wonder how WADA sets its standards.
I don't agree with the use of performance enhancing drugs in certain sports like swimming, cycling, etc... but seriously, I don't see how steroids are going to make a big difference in other areas like hockey. I really could care less. Theodore tested positive for substances that he claimed were to prevent baldness (uhhh, he has the most hair of anyone in the league... do people think we're dumb?) and I don't think anyone will challenge me about whether or not any "drugs" could help his sorry ass... It's like when our Canadian snowboard champ got nabbed for pot a couple of olympics ago. Do they really think pot is going to help you snowboard?

Besides, I agree with Baroque. People smoke a cigarette to "calm their nerves," drink coffee to "perk up" and have a drink after work to "mellow out." People are using substances to regulate their moods on a daily basis. How is sports any different? I'm not saying it is right but it is what it is...
Actually just in the response to the last commentor, you have to take a look at the top of Theodore's head to note that his hair there is thinning noticably. Yes he has long hair but I suspect if he wasn't taking a hair loss drug he's be breaking in a Hulk Hogan style haircut sometime in the not so distant future.
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