Thursday, June 22, 2006


Hurricanes Gone Wild

Here's a humourous 'news' posting from the warped minds at The Onion


Only hours after the Carolina Hurricanes won the NHL Championship Monday night in a hard-fought Game 7 against the Edmonton Oilers, North Carolina Gov. Michael Easley mobilized the National Guard to contain over two dozen members of what he described as "some sort of depraved, violent, heretofore unheard-of gang calling themselves the Hurricanes."

"These strange men came out of nowhere with absolutely no warning," Easley said of the Stanley Cup-winning Hurricanes, who emptied garbage cans, overturned vehicles and set them aflame, looted local businesses, and frightened hundreds of citizens out of their sleep. "Nobody had ever heard of them before. No one knows what they want. And nobody knows why they were acting so crazy."

Check out the full article here.

As I said over at The Penalty Killer:

That picture of Heddy would make for an AWESOME Ed Wood-esque movie...with its title being either Plan Six From North Carolina or Night of the Living Hockey Player.

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