Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The Fraud is Recruiting

I don't really like to waste blog time and space on "The Fraud", but the exposition of his utter crap needs to be done.

If you haven't already seen The Fraud pleading and begging The Acid Queen to join his cult, check out the damage here.

It seems The Fraud has a strategy of trying to recruit any legitimate bloggers who dare to criticize him into his fold. What better way to stop dissenting voices by trying to recruit them into the cult and quieting the dissenters.

In addition to his laughable IM messages to AQ, he also tried to recruit me with this email:

I know you jumped on the "We know who Eklund is bandwagon." And although it has been amusing for me to watch, and see people try to figure it out, that is not why i am writing. I am writing because I am a long time reader of your bog, and I agree you are one of the best..I found it via, where they called you the best.

I just wanted to say that although you obviously see me as a fraud, I still read you everyday and had really considered if you'd like to write for hockeybuzz at some point. This is really in all seriousness and probably doesn't sound it, but I think you'd fit in nicely. And

I'd allow you to criticize me as much as you do long as it is done with professionalism, which I feel you do now... anyway, the call is yours, and you can just ignore this altogether if you'd like, but keep up the good work...I've turned some pretty cool people onto your blog.


The Fraud as a liar is no big secret. His grammar and spelling could also use a serious boost. Some edukayshun system down there, eh?

1. He's been a long time reader of my blog? ORLY? Then why not so much as a peep before when we exposed him as a fraud long before his new site ever came to be? This ranks up there with "I want a girl who is intelligent"

2. Turned some pretty cool people onto my blog?

Hmm, according to the handy STATCOUNTER I have, I read a total of 0.0000 visitors from his site or any related site of his. Where are these floods of his cultists? Oh wait, because there was no link. I can do crawls and there ain't anything there.

I don't need it, but you aren't going to get me on your side with bold face lies and promises. Unlike the cultists, I'm not so willing to give up my money, time, thoughts to false promises and utter BS.

Frankly, I am amazed that he was so much time to email me and IM the AQ in between lunches with Gary Bettman, meetings with key NHLPA agents, dinners with supermodels, and running his crappy site. How does he do it all? Wow...

Jeez Jes, don't you realize that his 3rd-grade grammar abilities are merely a DISGUISE since he was a former Hockey News writer and is currently funding his fraud, um, website through money he earned with a bestselling novel. Obviously, his poor grammar is just a front for the truly brilliant writer brimming underneath.
Awesome Jes! The guy is a freak who needs to be neutered from hockey.
hate to be mean but (i.e. the univerally recognized openning for a post that is going to be mean).

i think your all nuts. if this is a fight over rumors you've wasted not only you time but mine and everyone else's. i freaking deal in rumors too, and anything without a source name attached is worth 2 cents. and none of it is owned by anyone, hence its status as a rumor with no name attached.

why in the world do you want,need, or expect glory, honor and credit from RUMORS!!!!

p.s. these are blogs. not the new york times.

heck this isn't even usatoday.
You know, Eklund is a Swedish surname...
Found this doing a whois search on

Administrative Contact:
Freedman, Richard
Eklund's Hockey LLC
413 RT 70 East
Cherry Hill, NJ 08035
I don't really get the fuss over Eklund. I read him a while in the lockout, it got tedious and then I stopped reading. Why can't everyone do the same? In all honesty, I think the war that he's fuelling is just adding to his infamy.
Here here, Jon.

But to allow him to go unchecked is only going to have him infest the fairweather fans with his twisted poision.

Perhaps, people should just keep monitoring the class action suit that has on it.
I'm pretty much done with Dwayne-o at this point, I think. I've got better things to do with my time.
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