Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Vancouver loses its MOJO

The Vancouver sports radio scene saw another casualty as MOJO radio is now being turned into a garbage dump.

This makes complete sense, given the fact that this city can barely support one sports talk radio station and given that CORUS, which owns MOJO, lost the Canucks to TEAM and seems to be divesting itself of its sports properties.

VANCOUVER -- Vancouver has lost its MOJO.

Corus Entertainment has killed the all-sports radio station and is replacing it with continuous traffic reports during the day and the best of talk from sister station C-K-N-W at other times.

The change means 14 people have lost their jobs, including MOJO sports personalities John McKeachie, Bob Marjanovich, Jeff Paterson and Blake Price.

Long-time sports broadcaster and C-K-N-W sports director J-P McConnell is also leaving.

Corus spokeswoman Sally Tindal says the traffic format is the first of its kind anywhere in North America.

The changes will take effect on Monday.

Just last month, 12 people were fired from their jobs at C-K-N-W in what Corus called a restructuring aimed at keeping the station successful in a competitive marketplace.

Corus owns four radio stations in the Vancouver area.

MOJO is not a favourite station of mine (it was a station 'for guys', as in the stereotypical 'guy'), but they have done a great job with the Vancouver Giants broadcasts over the years. Apparently, they will keep the Giants until that contract runs out. So, it's basically nothing during the day and a few sports broadcasts on certain nights. The formula for a winner?

It's hard to see how MOJO can get much worse.

(John McKeachie must have been fired from about 20 different places by now. He's not bad, but continually is undercut by situations like this or just younger broadcasters who supposedly appeal to the younger demographic)

Here are the local Vancouver radio ratings...

CKNW 14.8 (they lost the Canucks but they are still the King)
CHQM 8.8 (Soft Rock is second. It's true, it's true)
CKLG [Jack] 7.3 (Known for good commercials and no constant format)
CJJR 6.6 (Country Muzak. Yes, country is 4th in Vancouver. WTF?)
CFMI 6.3
CFBT 6.2
CBU-FM 6.1
CKZZ 5.4
CBU 5.0
CKWX 4.6
CKBD 4.3
CFOX 4.3
CKCL 2.9
CISL 2.6
CKST 1.9
CFUN 1.6
CHMJ 1.0 (MOJO - Quite pathetic)

'Traffic' is a format?

I think it sucks that McKeachie is gone, he is one of my favourite sports voices!!
I agree with anonymous. McKeachie is the best.
I thought the McKeachie/Foxman AM sports show was excellent. What made it hold it's own was the non professional unstuffy atmoshphere they kept up. Being that I listened to them on internet, I can say as a fan of Hockey they had the best show available. I hope to find them again, but it is unlikely. I would love to see Shane Foxman land a sports job here in Chicago, he would get a following for sure. Good luck to the crew that lost thier jobs.

Kevin, Chicago.
Mojo was way better than Team 1040. They had real sports guys on the mics. I'll miss them. I hope the the guys get replacement work soon. The Moj' was a good afternoon host.
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