Saturday, May 06, 2006


A Punch to the Moose Jaw

Yikes! Perhaps Ottawa does want Dominik Hasek back, after all! I've been many a blue moon since the Senators got a goaltending performance that bad and had that many defensive miscues in a single game. As for the Ducks?


Now, one of the stories lost on too many hockey fans around here is the Vancouver Giants "March to Moncton".

I was at Game 1 of the WHL Finals between the Giants and the Moose Jaw Warriors which took place last night, and they place didn't even sell out :(. C'mon, yuppies, you can't tell me you'd rather watch Anaheim and Colorado than support your Giants?

Just over 13,000+ showed up and were treated to a great 5-1 victory for the G-men, giving them the 1-0 lead with Game 2 tonight.

The Giants have just been rolling throughout these playoffs, having lost only 2 out of their 15 games thus far. Coach Don Hay has done an excellent job turning the Giants into a lean, mean, forechecking machine that cycles the puck as well as the Sedin twins and defends as well as Jere Lehtinen. We also noticed Canucks scout Ron Delorme sitting in the row in front of us (until we 'upgraded' to better seats), though he refused to reveal state secrets.

Keep an eye out for these players, coming soon to an NHL arena near you

While the Giants are hosting the Memorial Cup next year, this year is really THEIR year to win it all as the Giants will be severly depleted by the departures of Fistric, Brule, Slade, et all next season.

Interesting about the Canucks scout. I hope he was taking a good look at Slade.

Someone on also reported seeing Keenan in the stands as well.
Not a word about Frantisek Hossa's men in here?
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