Thursday, May 18, 2006


The Playoff Beard Update

I've calmed down from last night's little tantrum. I'm at peace with the fact the Oilers smoked the Sharks like oversized salmon, because I just 'knew' they were going to win last night's game. It was if the Oilers were the ones smelling blood and going in for the kill in a role reversal of sorts. The Sharks didn't particularly look into last night's game as much as the Oilers did, and now we've got the battle between two plucky, hard-working clubs. It's probably Gary Bettman's nightmare, so that's one good reason to celebrate. It's up to the Ducks now to save the future of humanity.

Now, it's time to update the progress of my playoff beard. The itching has subsided and I barely notice it's there except when I touch my face. As you can see, my hair grows quite slowly, making it very precious and valuable on the black market. I believe this style is now called "The Federline"

The trailer-park look is complete with a Mighty Ducks cap that I stole from some whiny kid who was playing baseball outside. Compare this look to the Hobo/Cult Leader look preferred by Swedes such as "Ingmar"

...and DLee, who brings a Southerner's touch to the playoff beard.

...and the standard Canadian hockey-beard look courtesy of Chris @ Covered in Oil.

See? Chicks dig the facial hair. Metrosexuals like James Mirtle may wanna take notes and put away the Gilette Mach III's for awhile.

Jes, you look a little like Zdeno Chara...
Well, considering my background, I'm more bound to look like any Slovak, like Chara, than Forsberg or Henrik Sedin :)
..better than looking like KFed
LOL @ the federline, I grew a beard like that when I forgot to shave yesterday.

I bet you trimmed it.. thats why my Devils lost! (looking for any excuse right about now).
I bet you trimmed it.. thats why my Devils lost! (looking for any excuse right about now).Nope, my facial hair growth is really that glacial.

I think my beard may be giving the Oilers lucky...hmmm... we'll see if they beat the Quackers or not
Jes, d00d--mebbe you need to hit some of that BC Bud and mellow out, cos you look like you're about to kill somebody. opposed, of course, to me who am actively plotting to kill err maim somebody.
A metrosexual from Kamloops? I don't think that exists, my friend. It was all overalls and plaid — and plaid overalls — really.

I've got some growth in the profile pic — just imagine it's getting more voluminous as the playoffs go along (even though I have no particular team to cheer for).

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