Friday, May 19, 2006


Pavol and Kings to eat Crow

Well, Marc Crawford wasn't out of work for very long as the LA Kings quickly snapped him up as their new head coach.

(Btw, thank you Andy McDonald for scoring.)
From ESPN.

Marc Crawford will reportedly be introduced as the new coach of the Los Angeles Kings on Monday.

The Kings scheduled a news conference for 2 p.m. ET and said Friday that the new coach would be revealed.

Quoting sources, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Kings are expected to hire former Vancouver and Colorado coach Marc Crawford as the replacement for John Torchetti, who was behind the bench for the final 12 games last season after Andy Murray was fired.
With the hiring of Dean Lombardi, and a good crop of young players, the Kings are really building for big things in the next few seasons. As much as I didn't like the job Crawford did for the Canucks last season, I think he's still a good coach overall and is going into the perfect situation. Would you rather coach a wreck like the Islanders or a team with a plan like the Kings?

BTW, Ducks in Six.

As they say in Sweden, *QVACK*

Right now they something else in Sweden after they wrote hockey history.

That Ducks in 6 prediction is looking real smart. Good thinking. Time to start predicting with your head and not your ass.
Ducks in Six.
Sorry, no Crows in Northern Manitoba to send you...
Will a Raven be o.k. ?

( BudHappy)
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