Monday, May 01, 2006


Goodbye, Detroit Red Wings

Oilers 4 - Red Wings 3


The Oilers fans are celebrating like they just won the cup as their club just upset the #1 club in the entire NHL in 6 games. So much for the Wings in 4 prediction. Such is playoff hockey where anything can happen in a first-to-4 series.

I'll give major props to Andrew Dwayne Roloson, who looked utterly horrible in his post-trade tenure with the Oilers, but basically kept the Oilers in Game 6 to allow them to tie and then take the lead, and he was their MVP for sure.

Shit! Are we twins separated at birth or something? Check out my thoughts on this game... =/

Spooky stuff.
Yea, Ingy, that is pretty wierd.

Now, does this mean it's the last game for Stevie Y? Does he want to go out like that or is it that he doesn't get that choice anymore.

I wish his grand finale could have been better for him.
I keep seeing comments on your blog suggesting Roloson played terribly after his trade to the Oilers. What is the basis for this conclusion?

For example, if memory serves, his GAA over the last 8 games of the regular season was around 1.75 with a similarly strong save percentage.

The win/loss record was poor because the Oilers were playing badly as a whole and not scoring.

I agree that he certainly didn't come in and play outstanding but can't see how "utterly horrible" is an accurate description.
"Re: Winning like they won the Cup"

This is simply a response to lowered expectations, which makes Oilers fans seem pretty reasonable in cheering each victory like it could be their last.
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