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Well, this video accurately describes the state of mind I am in...

Because they're not crappy. Duh.
The Oilers were a true .500 team

(41 28 13) translates to 41-41. When is the clock striking midnight?
Most of their season was played with AHL calibre goaltending.
Well, the obvious point to make is that the Oilers are in fact not a crappy team, now. First, they were in the best division in the NHL. Second, their acquisitions during the regular season (i.e. Roloson) made them a better team. Third, they are a better team than your Canucks.

For all the talk about how the Oilers barely finished above a sputtering Canucks team, the point is that the Canucks were just that, a sputtering, overrated team with a swack of critical injuries. If they really deserved to be in the playoffs over the Oilers, maybe they should have done better against the Oilers. If the Canucks had won one more game against the Oilers, they would be in the playoffs, plain and simple. Canucks went 2-6 against the Oilers.

For comparisons and fun, the Oiler regular season records versus some teams that went to the playoffs:
Wings 2-1-1
Sharks 3-1-0
Anaheim 4-0-0

Just thought I'd toss this all in, maybe a start a contest for who can be the biggest spiteful homer.
PS. Genuinely, the Star Trek link was a nice touch, made me laugh when Picard goes, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and smashes the glass.
Sorry to disappoint you, Jes, or should I say....MY NEMESIS.

Yep, the Oilers were ass because of one reason only: they didn't have a goalie for about 70 games. The Canucks sucked because of their first, dumbass line and an unfortunate salary-cap induced decimation of defensive depth. The injuries were unfortunate, I must say.

But, really, Are you seriously cheering for the MIGHTY DUCKS?

To SHARKS fans: I live in my hometown of EDMONTON so naturally I am relieved we eliminated YOU tonight in the 6th game, THAT much said... WOW.... You guys have one hell of an awesome hockey club with a brilliant future ahead of you ! I am 50 years old and remember when a Native Indian by the name of Bryan Trottier was coming of age with the New York
Islanders! Cheechoo reminds me exactly of Trottier and was my constant biggest worry throughout that excellent series! Like Trottier, he is not the overall prodigy hockey genius that GRETZKY
was, but he is a better combination high goal scorer and fearless body
checker. 20 years back CHEECHOOS total goals would have been 75 or 80 instead of 56! There is definitely a Stanley Cup Ring in CHEECHOOS FUTURE.We have 41,000 NATIVE first Nations people here in Edmonton so he would have an enormous fan base if he had been picked up by the OILERS. GREAT find for you guys from the Great White North!! P.S.,.. I HAVE BEEN TO SAN JOSE and it is a beautiful city and region!!!
The Japanese have a saying:

If you wait by the river long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by.
Oilers fans act like their team is something special since they got an upgrade at the goal position. They werepretty much a .500 team before Rollie arrived and were a .500 team after that. They stumbled into the playoffs when the Canucks faded.

But good on them for catching fire at the right time, though I think their opponents turned out to be perhaps the 2 weakest playoff teams in the West. I suspect the Ducks (who were playing very well last month or whenever they last played) will give them a much harder series than they have had to play so far.
I absolutely love how peter simultaneously uses Edmonton's regular season record as evidence that they were a terrible team, while ignoring Detroit and San Jose's regular season records in order to call them "the 2 weakest playoff teams in the West."

That's beautiful.
I don't think Edmonton is a terrible team; I just don't think they are as good as they've looked in the last two weeks. And I think they'll finish the playoffs at or close to their regular season record of .500.

Based on their playoff performance, I don't know how you could call Detroit and San Jose anything but the two weakest playoff teams in the West.

And san Jose is probably the most heartless team I've ever seen. how do you respond to the other team's fans holding a victory parade before the game by not even scoring a goal. Shameful is what that was.
You probably wouldn't have been too pleased with Wikipedia a couple of minutes ago then. They listed Edmonton as the '06 champs a little bit too prematurely...but it has thus been changed.

But I got a screencap for good measure
That was probably Matt from BoA still up to his karmc jinx antics. He keeps raising the bar!
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