Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Edmonton hockey fans create beer emergency

Quick, call in the Armed Forces!!

A couple of real losers

Beer-drinking hockey fans are knocking back brews at a record pace, forcing some Whyte Avenue bar owners to place emergency orders for more suds.

John MacDonald, manager of Hudsons Canadian Tap House on Whyte, said he's facing a dwindling supply of suds.

"I think we grabbed about 40 cases (from a liquor store) Sunday," said MacDonald, adding draft and bottled beer - being quaffed at record rates at the pub - were ebbing low.

"The liquor suppliers are pretty swamped right now. They're telling me that it's doubling Christmas, and Christmas is the busiest time of the year."
It's been pretty insane in Edmonton from the sounds of it, and they've only won two playoff rounds. I wonder how crazy it'll get if they ever win the cup again.

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