Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Eating Fried Duck and Cooked Red Wings

The Calgary Flames didn’t do their part to ensure a real Battle of Alberta thanks to a 2-1 loss to the Anaheim Ducks.

The big ‘shock’, if you believe the MSM, is that Ilya Bryzgalov got the nod over JS Giguere in goal for Anaheim.

A shock? Really?

Looking at their raw stats this season
Bryzgalov: 31GP 2.51GAA 91.0SV%
Giguere: 60GP 2.66GAA 91.1SV%

Their play this year was fairly even, and we saw how the Minnesota Mild teams did OK by switching between Dwayne Roloson and Manny Fernandez. When you have two relatively equal goalies, you should always explore the option of going with the ‘hot hand’.

Now, Detroit Red Wings fans are having to eat their own cockiness (The bloggers aren’t bad...I’m talking about your typical Message Board fanboys) as they found their team beaten by the upstart Oilers. As one blogger mentioned (I’m sorry, but I forgot who it was), the Red Wings fans are ‘eating their own’ as they dissect just what went wrong.

Well, how about an outsider’s perspective?

If you really want to throw blame around...

good team with bad tending and bad leadership got toasted. not only was legacy sub-par (though nto so much terrible) they could, in no way, rely on their back-up, former cup winner, and former starter. if they wanted osgood back so bad, and their starter was sinking, it is odd osgood has 0 minutes played this post season.

all the other teams (even the lossers) at least had a backup OPTION. nashvilles proved to be a killer, burke couldnt save the radically different defending champs, buit played, and even turco was spelled.

now anaheim is trying it too lol.

the only team to protect its sub par goalie so far has been the avs, they have had two advantages, q has defended a sub par goalie for years in the playoffs and is good at it, and they played a worse goalie :)
Osgood had zero minutes played because he hurt his groin in practice after Game 2.
Detroits D was the problem not manny.
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