Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The Beginning of the End for "The Fraud"?

So, it seems that 'the blogger who shall not be named' may be going to be in some big time legal trouble.

I'm shocked. SHOCKED! How could such an upstanding citizen be the target of a class action lawsuit?

(If your Sarcasm meter hasn't exploded, buy some new batteries)

I can't say I feel a lot of sympathy for anyone who have lost money investing and/or working on that site. If they did any fact checking (check the archives here, and other blogs if you haven't already), they'd have quickly realized that this guy's story was as flimsy at wet rice paper.

In the words of Nelson Muntz: HA HA!

Still, this lawsuit may be just as much of a fraud as the 'rumours' he blogs about. I have tried to google the name of the attorney with no success. Is this a sneaky way of generating some publicity? or just one pissed off ex-'employee' throwing a little slander around? We shall see..

Thanks to Eric at offwing.com for the linkage.

The only real shock is that this thing didn't happen sooner...should provide quite a bit of amusement during the off-season.
...if it's real, that is.

Forgive me for the extra post, coffee hadn't really kicked in yet AND I just read the "may", dagnabit.

(*Very needless* to say, I hope this lawsuit thing is real.)
I’ve mentioned this before, but this fraud’s name is really Dwayne Klessel. He is a 2-bit musician (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_Eye_Glances) and a desperate hockey insider wannabee.

The problem is that even though he was lying during his lockout “coverage”, people knew of his site, and therefore he did gain some legitimate contacts. For example, he is closely affiliated with Tom Laidlaw, a legitimate NHL agent.

At this point, I would have hoped his garbage would have long faded away, but I guess people don’t know any better.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was stiffing people. He sent out an email once to his mailing list that was addressed to an accountant that said he owed large amounts of back pay to most of the writers, then claimed it was a joke.
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