Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Searching for Answers in Lotusland

With people searching for how the Canucks could possibly miss the playoffs, reader "J. Boucher" has his theory in the "What's on your mind?" section... (24 Apparently, Marc Crawford's bad coaching and Todd Bertuzzi's bad attitude aren't really a factor.

I THINK ONE REASON the Canucks haven’t done well at GM Place is bad feng shui. Since the Georgia Street viaduct splits around the stadium, encircling it with traffic streams going in opposite directions, energy will be drained out of the building and whichever team plays there the most.
Yep, and there people who pay $200 an hour for this kind of crap.


I read that this morning. 24-10-5 isn't that bad a home record. Clearly this dolt doesn't watch a lot of hockey. He's too busy inhaling too much incense.
And y'know what else?

That cat doesn't know SHIT about feng shui. " will be drained out of the building" my ass! Feng shui isn't this new agey "put mirrors on all the walls and coins in every corner" stupidity--that's just a bunch of namby-pamby fleecing-the-masses-for-everything-they-have New Agey bulldada.

That numbnut wouldn't know feng shui if a REAL feng shui master walked up to him and smacked him with his compass.
Acid Queen,

Even if the stool sample of a person with a healthy diet smells better than that of an unhealthy eater, it's still shit no matter which way you look at it.
True, true.
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