Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Sean Avery: Muzzled Again

I'd love to see Sean Avery blacklisted from the NHL. I really would. Now, after hearing that he was to be a talking head on Sportsnet (Given the lack of quality on that channel, it's hardly surprising), it seems the NHL told Sportsnet "No Way, Jose"

From the Toronto Star:

Sean Avery's career at Rogers Sportsnet is over before it started.

The sports channel announced yesterday that it was trashing plans to add the truculent NHL forward to its hockey playoff studio show.

"After serious concerns were expressed directly and indirectly to Sportsnet senior management, it was decided that in the best interests of the network and Mr. Avery that he not participate on air," Sportsnet spokesperson Dave Rashford said.

However, sources say Sportsnet made the U-turn after the NHL expressed its disapproval with the choice.

John Shannon, the NHL's senior vice-president of broadcasting, confirmed last night that he had spoken with Sportsnet officials Doug Beeforth and Rick Briggs-Jude about Avery, but that the decision was the network's.

"We talked about what we thought was going to make good television," Shannon said. "In my opinion, their panel was better without Sean Avery."

As Nelson Muntz would say, "HA HA!"

how, exactly, do you indirectly voice your concerns to sportsnet management?

i have a few nice ideas, a bit messy, but nice...
I'm thinking they involved a horse's head in somebody's bed.
*does a Muttley laugh*

I have said this a gazillion times, and won't be afraid to say it again: Anybody who has the audacity to try to fight Ron Francis, like Sean Avery did, is truly an idiot.
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