Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Ra-Ra-Rasputyin, ismered az álmaink!

As if Marty Turco wasn't already having a bad enough playoffs already, he has a puck deflect off of Wilie Mitchell's stick and into his own net in OT, giving the Avs a surprising 3-0 series lead.

Colorado 4 - Dallas 3(OT)

Dallas could have had this game if not for some very unlucky bounces. First, the puck ends right up on the stick of Andrew Brunette and he's alone in front of Turco and smacks in an easy goal. This lead to OT and then Tanguay gets the easiest goal of his career thanks to the pinball bounce.

Honestly, I don't care which team wins this series, but I kind of feel cheated that the Stars are getting dominated and could be swept. That, and my predicition is going to end up way off.

Golbez's Goat of the Game - Turco's been beat up enough, so I'll go with Janne Niinimaa, he of the -2 in just 12:59 of ice time. Didn't he used to be a good defenseman? He's looked just awful in this series and the whole season.

Carolina 2 - Montreal 1(OT)

Thankfully, we've been spared The Acid Queen going Wayne Brady in the Raleigh/Durham area. Eric Staal finally broke his playoff cherry and potted the OT winner.

I honestly thought the Canes were screwed after they whiffed on the late 4-minute PP late in the 3rd period.

What is it with NHL players and getting lazy with big 4-min Power Plays? The Canes pretty much floated around, slowing the game down to a crawl and looking for the perfect pretty tic-tac-toe play. The Habs took full advantage and had a good SH chance out of it.

If I am the defensive squad, I'm thankful that the offensive team is taking it nice and slow. It means that I don't have to work hard, the offensive team is making/taking less shots, and the offensive team is likely to make careless mistakes.

On such a PP, you ought to be working even harder than normal. Tire the penalty killers last year and bombard the net with shots and bodies.

Luckily for the Canes, that lack of enegery on that PP did not translate into a momentum shift as the Canes got another chance in OT and didn't miss.

Golbez's Goat of the Game - Tomas Plekanec. Sorry, my boy, but taking that penalty in OT led to the winning goal. Pleky was playing superbly tonight, but one dumb penalty erases it all...

As for Ray Whitney, he played just over 7 minutes all night and 5 of those were on the Power Play. I know Whitney is the "Wizard" of the man-advantage, but wouldn't you rather have a healthy player on the ice if you are struggling to score goals? Whitney had no shots and didn't look particularly effective from what I saw. It would be better to have a healthy and 'fresh' body in there. Get Craig Adams to just buzz around and create havoc in front of the net. It would do more than Whitney could at the present time.

New Jersey 3 - NY Rangers 0

I told you it was over!

Jaromir Jagr tried to make his 'miracle' comeback, but it was obvious that (0 shots) he has so little to give. You can't fault him for trying, so he's being paid the big bucks and he's being counted on to lead the team. Sometimes, your body just won't cooperate.

Golbez's Goat of the Game - Petr Prucha. -2 and 0 shots on goal for the offensive waterbug.

Philadelphia 4 - Buffalo 2

The old Peter Forsberg showed up tonight thanks in large part to Ryan Miller's crappy goaltending performance. Forsberg's 2 goals were weaker than your alibi for showing up to work drunk, but it doesn't matter how they go in as long as they do.

The Flyers managed to play their style and control the tempo. The hit totals were 21-10 and the Flyers have to use their size and punish the Sabres, not the other way around.

Golbez's Goat of the Game - Chris Drury was -3 as Forsberg pwned his piddly ass, and Ryan Miller was letting in some weak-ass goals, but the honour goes to...

Denis Gauthier, tossed out of Game 2, temporarily knocked J.P Dumont out of the game late in the second with a hard stick shot to the gut. Dumont, who scored three goals in Game 2, was down for several minutes before he was helped off the ice. The public address announcer implored the fans to "show some class out there and cheer when he gets up." Predictably, the plea was booed, though Dumont received polite applause when he did leave the ice.

If, by polite applause, you mean the four guys in the front row who were on camera while JP was being helped off... then yes, it was polite applause.

I didn't hear the plea from the PA announcer, but it's even worse that the fans have to be prompted to do that which is common decency at any sporting event.

Yet more data for why Philly fans are the worst in sports, rivalling only english soccer fans for their classless stupidity. Then again, what do you expect from a city/country of welfare-queens.

Oh, and Jes,

Drury wasn' matched up with Floppa last night. Hitch had him matched up with Briere. Not saying that Chris didn't deserve goat-horns, just that he didn't get them at the hands of the evil one himself.

BTW, -2 of that -3 came from the Shortie (see Miller for that one) and the ENetter. So, really maybe it's just Miller who deserved them.

One quicky:
Plekanec did not deserve the penalty in overtime... Dandenault got a double check in the back and there was no call, but then a little pushing near the net and there you go sir, go cry in penalty box.

Habs were not able to score enough goals and that's why they lost... but it's certainly not Plekanec's fault.
What the heck was Jagr playing for last night. That was brutal.

There was a PP during the game that saw Jagr pass to the other point man (Rozsival) and then back to Jagr, who couldn't shoot due to the injury so he passes it back.. and they repeated this little dance over and over like it was the Kaberle brothers on the blueline. It was quite a sight.

But what am I complaining about, my team is up 3-0 on the team I hate the most in all of Hockey. It's just that this is looking so easy that people are just making excuses why the Rangers lost over giving some credit to the Devils. I mean, I know Ozolinsh has been the HUGE for the Rang.. uhm, Devils but still .. the boys in Red/Black played well (and could have beaten any team) last night.
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