Thursday, April 13, 2006


Please let the door hit your ass on the way out!

Even the LA Kings have grown tired of Sean Avery's assclownery, as the LA Times reports:

Sean Avery's brief and volatile career with the Kings came to an end after an argument with assistant coach Mark Hardy during practice Wednesday, a source with the team said.

Avery met with General Manager Dave Taylor and interim Coach John Torchetti after practice and then did not travel with the team to Phoenix, where the Kings play the Coyotes tonight.

A spokesman for the Kings said that while Avery was not suspended, he will not play in the final three games of the regular season or the Stanley Cup playoffs, should the team manage to qualify.

"We're moving on without him," the spokesman said. "We have informed Sean of this."

Avery will be an unrestricted free agent after the season, but the Kings are not expected to retain him.

The incident occurred while the Kings went through a workout before flying to Phoenix. Avery was asked by Hardy to do a drill, refused and was told to leave the ice. The two exchanged words, but it did not become physical.
You know, Sean Avery can actually be a decent player when he wants to be. He's got 39 points in 75 games this year and can be an effective 'shift disturber'.

On the other hand, few players take more stupid penalties than Avery, and we can't forget the fact that he's an "Annoying Asshat" (as the Acid Queen would say).

He may be a UFA, but how could the GM of any team actually want Avery on their team? I'm pretty sure Pavol Demitra and the others will be happy to be rid of him. If Avery's not doing dumb things, he's saying dumb things and just be a general annoyance. From what I saw at the Kings/Canucks game, Avery was always standing on one end of the bench, yapping away nonstop to nobody in general. The rest of his team was sitting down and away from Avery.

It was like standing at the bus stop, and trying to ignore the crazy/talkative guy that is making everyone else feel uncomfortable. I'm hoping Avery has to beg an NHL team for a job.

Avery could raise Chicago's attendance by about 1,500 per game, even more if Wirtz would televise home games on an open cable channel.
I think Avery would fit into Atlanta's "system" just fine, and I'm guessing they'll be the first and only team in line to get him. Don't be surprised to see him in a Thrash sweater next season.
I dunno, the Thrashers might wind up nerd-fighting the Leafs for him.
It says here he will be a Leaf next year. A line of Tucker, Avery, and Domi is so hideously bad to contemplate that I actually want to see it happen.
room for theo on that line? he claims he ain't playing in england anymore.
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