Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Golf Canucks, Golf!

The city of Vancouver was shaken yesterday. Not because of an earthquake, but because a 4-2 loss to the Ducks caused about 1,000 Yaletown Yuppies to jump off of the Canucks bandwagon. (It sounded like a pile of empty plastic bottles, if you must know.)

Before the season began, it was impossible to imagine a scenario where the Canucks would MISS the playoffs. Sure, the Canucks had a hole in net, but they had a very good Top 4 defence grouping (Salo, Jovo, Ohlund, Allen) and 3 strong forward lines. Cloutier was a question mark, but he was always 'good enough' for the Canucks in the regular season.

*sigh*. The Canucks didn't go down without a fight last night. They outshot the Ducks 41-18, but Auld laid an egg and JS Giguere decided to show off the form that carried the Ducks to the finals a few years back. If the Canucks had shown this much effort in the previous 20 games, they probably wouldn't be in the mess they are now. Too little, too late.

Now, the dream is over.... sure, the Canucks could 'run the table' and have the Oilers lose every game. I could also win the Super 7 Jackpot and be elected to the Canadian Parliament. It's just not gonna happen.

In all of my hockey watching years, I've always had a rooting interest in the playoffs. The St. Louis Blues were always there, every year, in the playoffs so that I could cheer for them when the Canucks weren't there (before the Blues would, inevitably, lose to the Red Wings). This will be the first season where I have exactly 0 teams to cheer for. Even Pavol's LA Kings won't be there? What the hell am I supposed to do? Pretend I care about Calgary and Ottawa? Cheer against the Red Wings? Hell, I always do that and it's just not that thrilling.

The only action the Canucks will be seeing in a few weeks is at the golf course...

This should be a very interesting off-season in Vancouver. Dave Nonis' 'status quo' management did not work out and his trade deadline deals flopped (though they seemed OK at the time and I won't chop him up for them). Expect to see a real earthquake in Vancouver as the roster goes through a drastic makeover.

Todd Bertuzzi? He's as good as gone. If he's somehow on the Canucks roster come November, I'll lick the 'pie filling' off of Alexander Ovechkin's face.

If you're stretched for a rooting interest, you could always support ex-Blue Doug Weight and jump on the Canes bandwagon. There's also room on the Cheechoo Train here in San Jose!
All the Yaletown yuppies are being replaced by Newport Beach yuppies on the Mighty Ducks' bandwagon.

Join the fun Jes!
c'mon...I know you want to pretend to care about Calgary...
They don't need the Oilers to lose all their games. They just need to earn two more points than the Oilers in the remaining three games (both teams play 3 more games). It's Sharks, Sharks and Avs for the Canucks, Wings, Ducks and Avs for the Oilers. Still a chance, albeit slim.
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