Saturday, April 29, 2006


Game 4s: Nobody Through Yet

Just some quick ramblings...

I was glad to see the Avs lose last night. Though I don't care for either them or the PornStars, I don't necessarily want the Avs cruising to a first round sweep. In this series, I'd love for them to beat each other up for 7 games so that the victor can be swept in the 2nd round. When you don't have much to cheer for in a playoffs, this is what you do.

Carolina 3 - Montreal 2

Justin Williams is due for a chair shot. Not that long after seriously injuring Saku Koivu with a careless high stick, Williams had the lumber up again last night (It's 7am, don't ask me to remember who it is) and, once again, didn't get assessed a penalty. There are TWO refs!! How can you miss two dangerous high sticking penalties in 2 games?

Philly/Buffalo - Peter back!!!

Do you know that Forsberg has only ONCE ever had a playoffs where he scored less than a point a game?

Back in 1999-00, Forsberg 'slumped to just 15 points in 16 games. Otherwise, he's always had a point-a-game place. This year? 8 points in 4 games and he's just warming up...


Here's a great YouTube clip from a fan who was at the Sharks/Predators Game#4 and took a home video of one of the Sharks Power Play goals. The quality sucks, but it gives you an fan's perspective and that tingle you get when you watch illegally shot material ;)

Yeah, that's my video actually. =) The quality is very good on my computer...for whatever reason, when it gets uploaded to youtube things deteriorate. Too bad I didn't get a good video from game 3 when I was in row 2. GO SHARKS!!!
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