Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Detroit Red Wings, part of a well-balanced diet.

One of my fantasy hockey cohorts, Kurt, pointed out just how well balanced the scary Murder City Red Wings really are...

Stat -- Player -- Total
Points -- P. Datsyuk -- 87
Goals -- B. Shanahan -- 40
Assists-- N. Lidstrom -- 64
PIM -- C. Chelios -- 106
+/- -- M. Schneider -- 34
PPG -- H. Zetterberg -- 17
SHG -- J. Franzen -- 2
SHA -- D. Cleary -- 2

Each stat has a different leader on the team. That's just scary good...

What's this, Jes? Grudging respect? What with this and J&A's paying up on that bet, you 'Nuck-heads are having a rough day! (;

wings average first draft pick: 46 (over last 14 years, highest pick in that time was 19th) (blues avg is 35th)

'06 wings have 10 of their picks play for them this year (blues have 8 even during a complete rebuilding)

4 of them have 50+ points this season (dont ask)and none of those are their captain
Respect? Yeah, I respect the fact that the Wings continually kick ass, draft well, and integrate new players extremely well into their system.

Still, if they weren't playing the Oilers, I'd wish for a quick 4-game sweep ;)
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