Thursday, April 13, 2006


Caption This: MacTavish and Torres

This picture is hilarious. Any caption ideas?

MacT: "OK, seriously guys - who hid Conklin's laxatives in Raffi's water bottle? Ty's gonna need them on Monday to live up to his usual standards in net. "
Mac: "Ok guys. I found the incantation that will summon the devil so we can make a deal to make the playoffs. However, it says here that we need a human sacrifice. So we're agreed, Raffi goes."

Torres: "Dude, you guys are so weak."
Torres: "How'd you grow all that hair back? Weren't you bald!?"
Let me get this straight, you're telling me it's not really butter?

Torres; w00t?
Torres: "You mean that the totally hot chick in "The Crying Game" was actually A DUDE??? EWWWW!"
Mac: "So where was I?.... Oh yeah. So I was bending Raffi's wife over their kitchen counter and.."
MacTavish: "What? We're going to the playoffs?!"

Oilers management announces new acquisition in Sean Avery.

MacT determines that it was Raffi's soul patch holding the Oilers back all along.
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