Sunday, April 09, 2006


Avery the Ass: Part XXVIII

Sean Avery took time away from Elisha Cuthbert did some investigating and figured out the true reason why Billy Bob Smith of Mudville, Arkansas, doesn't watch NHL hockey and why ESPN didn't renew their deal with the NHL.

Sean Avery can't seem to get enough of the spotlight.

The Los Angeles Kings player had a heated verbal exchange with Anaheim broadcaster and former NHL goalie Brian Hayward in the dressing room Friday before players and media.

Hayward, a former Montreal Canadiens goalie, criticized Avery during Tuesday's Anaheim broadcast and accused him of running away from a confrontation with the Ducks' Todd Fedoruk. Hayward was doing prep work for Saturday's Ducks-Kings game on NBC when he visited the Kings' dressing room Friday, only to be welcomed by a profanity-laced tirade from Avery, according to the Los Angeles Times. Hayward stood his ground.

"You're an embarrassment," the Times quoted Avery as saying and Hayward responded by saying, "You want to see an embarrassment? Look in the mirror, Sean."

Avery walked towards Hayward at one point but was pulled away by assistant coach Ray Bennett.

"You're the reason the league doesn't have a national television deal. You're a (terrible) announcer and you were a (terrible) player," Avery said during the exchange.

Yeah, it's all Hayward's fault... (rolleyes).

Some part of me wonders if Avery is just a big parody of himself, but you know he's not that smart.

As for Hayward, he is smart and his comeback was pretty good for a quiet laid-back kinda guy:
Hayward responded: "How would you know? When I played, you were in your third year of eighth grade."

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