Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Video: Golden Helmet Finals

The Golden Helmet (Zlata Helma) finalists from each month have been posted on the official website.

For those who may not remember or are new to the sight, the Czech (Tipsport) Extraliga has a sponsored contest each week during the season.

The top 6 plays/actions of the week are voted on by the fans (via SMS, phone, or the website) and the winner gets to wear a shiny gold helmet around and be the target of vicious bodychecks. The usual categories are Stickhandling (Klicko), Save (Zakrok), Pass (Prihravka), Shot (Strela), Combination Play (Souhra), and a "Free" category for anything else (Volna). I really wish the NHL could do something like this.

I don't know how the hell they chose the representatives from each month of this season, but they sure chose the wrong ones. For each of the months below, I can think of at least one play that was a lot more spectacular.

Anyway, here's the action:

1. Roman Malek, Flyers prospect and part-time Keebler Elf, lifts his little leg to rob Slavia's Petr Kadlec on the doorstep.
2. Roman Turek, the big BARGE who did the Flames a big favour and retired from the NHL, sprawls to make a pokecheck save. Thanks to his fine goaltending, they upset the league champion Liberec team in the first round of the playoffs.
3. David Moravec, a one time (very briefly) Buffalo Sabres forward, wins a faceoff and Dusan Andrasovky wires a quick one-timer. Dusan should have gotten the nod for his shot, rather than Moravec for simply winning a faceoff. WTF?
4. Jaroslav Kracik, a great young player who had a breakout season with Plzen, shows you kids how to go hard to the net and follow up on the play. It's a good hard-work play, but a highlight reel one? No...
5. Liberec's Petr Vampola (coolest name in the league) gets tripped up, but fires the puck on the way down for a sweet goal. This one gets my vote.
6. Angel Krstev isn't very angelic as he knocks down his teammate with a booming bodycheck on Tomas Harant.

So far, it's a neck and neck race between Vampola and Turek. Stuff a vote for Vampola, would ya?

Have there been any examples of Golden Helmet winners being crushed to a pulp?

- Duc
Well, there is punkass Radek Duda.

Of course, he'd get his ass kicked no matter what colour helmet he wears.
those monthly winners are voted by fans, so it is a matter on how many supporters of the particular club is voting, not a matter of a quality of an action. If it would be SMS-voting only, people would consider their money sending SMS to such a craps, but you can vote also on that website and somebody has it as a personal hobby to vote as much as their technical knowledge to fake the voting script goes. All that helmet stuff is nothing to be proud of.
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