Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The Vancouver Canucks Really Suck

(They can't even shoot the puck!)

Wow, it seems those trade deadline deals didn't help the Canucks any :(

The last 5 games...
5-0 LOSS to Nashville
4-2 LOSS to Dallas
2-1 LOSS to Dallas
3-2 OTLOSS to Nashville
4-1 LOSS to St. Louis

5 losses by a combined score of 18-6

I guess Dave Nonis forgot to get everything he needed at the trading deadline:
1. Magic offensive pixie dust for the forwards. What the hell has happened to Naslund and Morrison?
2. A new heart for Todd Bertuzzi.
3. A new coach that isn't constantly overmatched and can fire up his troops.

*SIGH*, I can't find one thing redeeming about the play of this team lately. The Canucks aren't just losing, but they are losing badly. The team seems to lack any confidence and can't get an offensive foray going to save their own lives.

Mika Noronen? His first start saw him give up 5 goals with an 81.5SV%. The fault wasn't completely his, but he certainly didn't do any better than Maxime Ouellet. As a Canucks fan, I am extremely nervous right now. If the Canucks don't start winning some games, they could easily miss the playoffs.

Scheduling quirks? The Canucks play 3 straight (THREE STRAIGHT) games against Edmonton on the 21st, 23rd, and 25th of the month. With both teams fighting for a playoff spot, I'm hoping for some playoff-style hockey.

ahh your too soft, what about the anti-visor comments?!? lol

he has what? 3 games and a "-5" for your team. he was minus 4 last game!! the ONLY goal he wasn't on the ice for was the shortie!

you can NOT give him 25 minutes a night and win. period. you ARE giving him 25 minutes a night. MORE than keith carney, and over the three games, more than ohlund (though ohland logged more last game)

when your team is struggling to score and has lost its transistion game, eric's minutes are all you need to look at to figure out if the canucks won or lost.

ont eh OTHER ex blues front, dougie weight finally had a really nice game. he hasnt lost his skating or passing, just a matter or if he is enough come playoff time.

you guys really need to start listening to me lol. pick up sanford, dont touch visor i said!!

on the other hand sanford is a goner, but pah! he wouldnt have been run like that in the great white north.
"The fault wasn't completely his, but he certainly didn't do any better than Michel Ouellet"

Michel Ouellet? Last I checked he plays for the Penguins :P
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