Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Star Political Contributors

While webstumbling last night, I came across this interesting site, NEWSMEAT - Hall of Fame - Political Donations of the Rich, Famous, & Powerful.

You wouldn't expect many NHL players under the ATHLETES section, especially since most of them are foreigners down there in the USoA.

Who's there?

Gary Bettman - $2,000 (Democrats)
Gordie Howe - $1,000 (Republicans)
Mario Lemieux - $500 (Republicans)

How does Mario expect to get a new arena if all he's given is $500?
Look at some of the other dudes who know how to grease the wheels, like the NBA's David Stern, who's given $781,780(!)

...and, isn't it funny that the union members (at one time) are supporting the anti-union party and the anti-union guy is supporting the Demos? O_o

And, to nobody's surprise, most of the celebrities donate to the DEMOCRATS rather than the REPUBLICANS. Shocking, I know...

Yeah, but did you see who money was donated to?

Gordie donated to his wife Colleen's campaign for Congress in the 80s (where she was defeated in the primary).

Bettman donated to Bill Bradley's 1990 Senate campaign, back when he (Bettman) was NBA Commish, and then gave a grand to the Democratic party in New Jersey in 2002.

And Mario, well....he gave money to Rick Santorum, for some unfathomable reason. Of course, so did Philip Anschutz (LA Kings owner). So there you go.

Rick Santorum? Eeeeeegh.
Wow, just like that, I like Gary Bettman a little bit more and Mario Lemieux a WHOLE LOT less.
Hey Yer Majesty-NASCAR boys are Republicans. That Races at Lowes Motor Speedway and Rockingham are just big 'ole GOP fundraisers!
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