Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Player Poll: King of the Faceoffs

In the latest Hockey News Player Poll, 29 NHLers responded on who was the best faceoff taker in the league. For the most part, perception mirrored reality.

Not surprisingly, Yanic Perreault, the king of faceoffs, won with 17 votes.
The #2 man in the league, Rod Brind'Amour, walked away with 7 votes.

The other nominees?
#3 man Joe Nieuwendyk picked up 2 votes
#4 man Jarret Stoll (yes, Jarret Stoll) picked up a vote from Brendan Morrison
Mats Sundin, ranked 20th, also received a vote from former teammate Kevyn Adams.

The strangest nominations? Jason Arnott and Steve Rucchin.
"There's a bunch, but Jason Arnott is pretty good." -- Jarret Stoll

Pretty good? D00d is 568 and 550 for a 50.81%. He's not THAT good.

As for Rucchin, he got the vote from Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor.

I always thought of Rucchin as a good faceoff artist, but D00d has taken a hard fall this year, winning just 47.78% of his draws (451 and 493)
The season before the lockout, Rucchin was at 53%. At this rate, he'll be asking Sidney Crosby for pointers.

Quoted from the article:
"Nashville Predators
Yanic Perreault -- Mike Peca"

Didn't know Peca played for the Preds. Methinks needs to re-arrange the names in the article.
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