Thursday, March 23, 2006


Photo of the Day: Jiri Dopita Comes Out!

Uhh.... >.<
Jiri Dopita

In a bid to inspire his Znojmo teammates in their playoff series against Vitkovice, Jiri Dopita dons a blonde wig and threatens to do a striptease if they lose the series.

Fortunately for his teammates, it worked and they took the series 4-2.

Why couldn't he have done that during his time in Edmonton?
The scary thing? That wig actually looks like natural hair on the guy... o_O
Unlike Alexandre Daigle, Dopita makes a pretty nasty looking woman.
That's a fine lookin' woman.
look at this - club gm Jaroslav Vlasak agreed to have his hair cut in case of advancing to semifinals. Our clip shows him undergoing the operation by Znojmo captain Peter Pucher. -

Znojmo eagles will face evil Sparta in semifinals.
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