Friday, March 24, 2006


Pavol's Getting Some Work Done

Poor Pavol, the d00d is simply cursed!! How else can you explain the myriad of freak injuries he's had over his career?

Contrary to what certain numbskulls may be sayin', Pavol ain't soft. Pavol don't sit out games with a bruised hand. Getting concussions from hits-from-behind and pucks in the face is just plain bad luck.

Well, now Pavol is truly a Los Angelino thanks to the fact that he has to get some work done on his face. Maybe he can meet a few celebs while he's in the recovery romper room.

From the LA Times:

As the Kings were practicing Thursday for the first time under interim Coach John Torchetti, the much-missed Pavol Demitra was scheduling surgery for today.

"Right now there are just too many problems and they don't really know which one is the problem," said Demitra, who also has been experiencing headaches.

"It's either my eye, a mild concussion or a sinus infection. I tried to skate the last two days but I can't really breathe through my nose. They're going to fix that and clean out the sinus infection, and then we'll find out if it's the concussion that's keeping me from playing."

The high-scoring Demitra has missed every game but one since returning from the Winter Olympics, where he was hit in the face by a puck while playing for his native Slovakia — suffering a fractured nose and bleeding behind his right eye. He came back against the Coyotes on March 14 but was hit hard and left the game. The King forward was diagnosed with a concussion and missed the last three games.
Face it, Queens fans, your team is done. D-O-N-E like plum Dim Sum in your tum. No Pavol = No Playoffs. Oh, and my office pool is wrax0red thanks to Milan Jurcina. >:(

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