Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The Legacy of Dallas Drake Will Live On

From the Cruel and Unusual Parents File:

Millstadt has never produced an NHL hockey player -- but the small town does have a pair of twins named after St. Louis Blues forward Dallas Drake.

Chris Wessel thought long and hard before deciding to float the idea to his wife, Trish. According to their ground rules, Chris controlled naming rights if the twins were boys and Trish would provide the names for twin girls.

"My wife thought everybody was going to think we were crazy," said Chris Wessel, an avid Blues fan for years whose favorite player is the hard-working Drake. "I've always liked him since we've had him and have always thought he was such a hard worker. It's gone over really well, but it's a good thing I didn't like Wayne Gretzky."
...and it's too bad that you didn't like GARTH BUTCHER!

If I have a twin boy/girl combo, I definitely want Pavol and Demitra as their names.

or miroslav satan

or par djoos

or ...
wow, been awhile since I've checked out your blog... good stuff... ps. Check your whl email so we can make our damn trade! ;)
wat about hakan loob?
Geez...and I thought my idea of naming two cats, two dogs, or a dog and cat "Ronnie" and "Francis" was pretty goofy. o_O

That idea, BTW, came from my remembering mentionings in the news of a Raleigh woman who named her cat "Brind'Amour" during the 2002 Stanley Cup Playoffs.
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