Thursday, March 09, 2006


The Evil Swedish Plot Exposed!!!

Sweden Sucks

I know today is Deadline Day (I'll comment/rant when the dust settles), but out there, the shadow of Sweden continues to lurk and spread evil around the world.

You've seen me rail against evil Sweden for months, but I always get these kinds of comments:

"How is Sweden evil?"

"You are just jealous, Slovak!"

"How could Sweden possibly be evil? They are such great socialists?"

"No, YOU'RE ebil!"

"Are you Finnish?"

etc etc etc... few people believe me. Am I just a crazy lunatic who rambles to himself? NO! I mean, isn't the existance of Ace of Base, Peter Forsberg, and Volvo proof in itself?

If you didn't believe me before, you will now.

Thanks to Slovakia's olympic hockey victory over Sweden, Swedish blogger Ingmar Bergman (who goes under a pseudonym to protect his identity), has put his life on the line to expose the evilness of Sweden.

From the mouth of the devil himself, "WHY SWEDES ARE EVIL!":
We Swedes have an agenda of our owh(sic) that's that Dick Cheneys supposed evilness, Al-Qaeda & Skulls & Bones pale in comparison.

Here it comes...

We are responsible for the current wave of Mediocrity sweeping the minds of people around the world...

We Swedes are responsible for...Britney Spears.

Little did the world know that such a horrific red menace would sweep the world into a current state were everybody embraces mediocrity in our culture.

Oh, the horror!!! You can trace the downfall of society directly to Sweden!

and it doesn't end there! That was just one in a series of evil deeds.

You can find the full details on his website. I suggest you read and spread this information to all of your friends. Warn them of the danger of shopping at Ikea and eating their meatballs.

Do you believe me now? 0_o

Oh, come on, Jes.

You may have won a battle, but Mr. Bergman has won the war! :P

Slovakia lost to Sweden? Somehow that doesn't seem right. They only lost to the Czech Republic this time out.

Maybe I just didn't read that right.....'er something.
My grammar wasn't very good there.
so, I'll fix it up, eh!
You forgot Abba & Roxette.
Pure evil.
Okay, now I understand teh evilness of Sweeden truly. They are like the villians, you don't suspect....
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